Saturday, 28 May 2022

Mid-week break

We're back home again following a lovely four night break in a very comfortable cottage just over an hour's drive from home. We'd stayed in the village once before and to be honest when booking I thought it was in the same place we'd stayed many years ago but not so but we weren't disappointed far from it. The cottage was a barn conversion in what was originally an old farm dating back to the 1790's. The owner lived on site and was very helpful with advice about the local area and things to do. The first photo is the front door facing into what used to be the farmyard and now used for parking and the second photo was the kitchen with it's enclosed garden perfect for Tilly. In the yard was a doggy cleaning station but Tilly didn't need to use it :) To the side and rear of the cottage was a huge field and even on a misty morning waking to that view of the field and the mountains and the peace and quiet was wonderful.

On our first full day on the Tuesday we went into Caernarfon and although we weren't able to take Tilly into the castle we settled for a meal in a dog-friendly pub on the harbour side. The reason for that visit was to find  the whereabouts of the Welsh Highland heritage railway station and finding a car park nearby ready for the following day's trip.

So Wednesday being our wedding anniversary I'd booked a trip on the steam train taking us to Beddgelert and back. An hour and a half's train ride each way with an hour and a half in the village. I'd prebooked a luxury hamper for the outward train journey and we toasted each other with a glass of prosecco and there was enough delicious food that I took the bara brith and welsh cakes back to the cottage with us. We've visited Gelert's Grave on at least two previous occasions so this time we stayed in the village and enjoyed an ice cream from the extremely popular ice cream parlour.


The cottage is directly on the Wales coastal path and my plan was to walk Tilly to the beach on Thursday my last full day of the holiday but as things turned out it was a very windy, grey day with rain forecast. Undettered we set off on our walk and I followed the path to the estuary and we crossed over the bridge. Now I will own up to being afraid of heights and with concerns that Tilly may jump off the bridge we did walk across but very nervously. Once on the embankment with the view of the airport and the it's museum in the distance, I had to zoom in for that photo and knowing the beach wasn't far away from there I had a sudden change of mind as it was so very windy and looked so desolate we returned to the warmth of the cottage.


The forecast rain arrived but it didn't last for long so on our final afternoon we visited a rather lovely garden centre and as luck would have it they had a farm shop inside and so we were able to buy some delicious goodies to take back to the cottage for our last evening meal ithere. They also had these wonderful giraffe dog beds for sale but I resisted the temptation to buy one :) 


We definitely would have liked to stay for longer in the lovely, comfortable holiday cottage but another time maybe.

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Last week

Once again nothing much to report just my daily walks with Tilly. The other day I took her to the harbour and walking alongside the river where it meets the sea I admired an old looking dog and the owner without any prompting told me she was on her final walk. I asked how old she was and he replied she was fourteen and he was taking her later to be put to sleep as she had been having fits. He said she had always loved being taken to the beach. I could feel my eyes well up with tears and I said to her "sleep tight little girl" and the man thanked me. I walked ahead of them back to the car park but waited for him to pull away in his van and I waved goodbye to them still silently crying.

I took a few photos on the dunes walk we sometimes go on and noticed this lone red hot poker in the grass and wonder how that got there. I had some in my garden a couple of years ago but they didn't do very well although they should have done as apparently they do like coastal gardens and are long-lived.

Tilly likes to be on her extending lead to go mooching but not here as a few years ago I was fined for having my dog Annie off lead although she only ever walked by my side on the path. Our Council have restrictions on the length of dog lead allowed with it being a nature reserve and the lead cannot be more than two metres in length.

It's a very pretty area and even outside the nearby supermarket there are some wild flowers ,well at least I think they are growing wild.

Talking of supermarkets I called at Morrisons the other day to fill up with petrol as it's slightly cheaper or should I say less expensive than the supermarket by the dunes. I called instore for a few groceries and was thrilled to be given a pack of cornflower seeds when I payed at the till. They are being given away as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations as a symbol of hope and positivity, I hope mine do well when I scatter them in the raised bed in my garden as long as Tilly doesn't trample on them.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

This week

Just a few happenings this week. I'd ordered a dress online but silly me chose a long length and it was far too long not realising the model was probably much taller than I am. I don't have a single dress in my wardrobe as I mostly live in trousers although I do have a few skirts but rarely wear those. I was looking for a change and something summery so will keep looking We decided to return it to the store on the retail park and while we were out decided to have a meal in a dog-friendly pub and very nice it was too. Tilly was very well behaved and I was pleased about that, she stayed on the floor and only barked once when a guy put a huge rucksack on his back as he was about to leave, she must have been protecting us in her way.

I have a painful arm at the moment and I think they call it golfer's elbow even though I don't play golf. I think Tilly must have pulled me too much while on her extending lead. She's OK once it's at its maximum length while she's busy mooching in the sand dunes but reaching there through the car park she pulls me until she reaches her destination.

Oh and there was a birthday. Hubby told me not to bother go looking for birthday cards so I had a brainwave and recycled last year's cards and with black and green marker pens I managed to update the card from Tilly :) We love the drawings on Yuko's card, she always adds them as her signature and you can see that mother and son are very similar :) Of course there had to be a cake as well and I'd ordered an extremely white chocolatey cake this year.

Also a very strange thing happened this week. I'm  a member of a private group on Face book or whatever they call themselves now. I like to check in to read any new posts and watch the videos from the dog training classes. I was looking at the video from the fun day of this latest term of which I chose not to attend and I suddenly got blocked for no good reason. They suspended my account and wanted my phone number so I entered that giving my PAYG mobile number and then they wanted a photo of me. I no longer post my photo online so they had to make do with an old one and then 24 hours later they unblocked my account. No idea what that was all about but they can stick their Faceache now :)

Sunday, 8 May 2022

A win and a loss

I don't seem to have much worth blogging about just lately. I take Tilly out every day and I did take her to vote on Thursday, well I voted but Tilly couldn't but she did go in with me. It's only ever been a problem once a few years ago when I was told I couldn't take our dog Annie into the voting place so on that occasion I tore up my card and didn't vote. I see Boris takes his dog in with him so if it's good enough for him then it's good enough for me. We were allowed to vote for up to three Councillors and my choices were duly elected. It was a bad day for the Tories as they lost their only seat in Wales and the  local elections were disastrous for the party but no surprise really. Anyway, enough of politics for now.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so after taking Tilly to the big park I was really hot and thirsty. I do carry water for Tilly but hubby had quaffed the soft drinks we keep in the car while he waited for me so off we went to the promenade to buy more drinks. Seeing the bingo place open I played six games of prize bingo at just twenty pence a go and with Tilly sitting across my lap surprisingly I won two games so combined with my win from a previous visit I was able to choose a  prize of a camper van ;) I usually say I'm not a collector of things almost forgetting I do have a  little collection in our conservatory. Hubby now tells me I need to win another one to even them up on the bottom shelf and of course he's right.

We don't use the conservatory very often as it's too cold in winter and too hot in summer so the two plants in there tend to get neglected. They have been in their pots a good few years now and how they survive is a mystery to me. I do cut back the rose and the other plant which I can't remember what it's called seems to revive with the occasional good glug of water.


I have some roses blooming in the garden but I'll save photographing them for another day.The blackbird I wrote about mid-April has now deserted her nest. I'd been quietly checking on her every morning for a couple of weeks but she's not been seen in the nest for about a week now. I don't think there were any eggs or chicks but I won't disturb the nest and highly unlikely she will return to it so it's safe enough for me to photograph the empty nest. Bye bye blackbird I hope you are OK wherever you may be.

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