Saturday, 30 April 2022

Landmark and news

What a difference in the weather, I wrote on Thursday how cold it was then a day later it was sunny and warm and I had to take Tilly's jumper off before taking her for a walk. Today it has turned chilly again. Guess what, I noticed our friendly neighbourhood giraffe is now wearing his sun hat and sunglasses!


Earlier in the week I'd emailed my friend Eunice to let her know the giraffe had made it into a newspaper article, it must have been a slow news day :)  She always looks for him every time she visits me and has often wondered if he's full size or just a head and neck on a pole. She loves to see what he's wearing but was disappointed last week when she saw that he was totally naked. She left a comment on the article and I pinched some of her words :)

Well, I've got some news for Eunice. While I was out walking Tilly today I had a good long chat to our local Councillor who is a candidate in the local elections next Thursday. We talked about the state of our Government, our dogs and he showed me photos of his three year old cockapoo and asked about Tilly and we talked about the giraffe. He told me he knows for sure that it's not a full size giraffe but head and neck only so I imagine it is on a pole.

I've been through my old blogs and first noticed the giraffe back in May 2016 and we had some fun then. Eunice left a comment "How strange. I think I'd have gone back to see if it moved! Maybe the Welsh Mountain Zoo have got one missing :)"  This photo was taken on my first sighting in May 2016 as I walked past with my dog Annie and I felt I was being watched :)

 Not such good news... I've only just noticed the difference in Yazz's legs today, poor old girl.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Brrr it's cold


Tilly keeping her eyes firmly fixed on me while I write my blog post 

We took Tilly to the grooming parlour yesterday. Her eight-weekly appointments seem to come round very quickly but her fur does grow quickly and grows very curly too but that's her poodle genes. I'm beginning to think the black cockapoo that Tilly played with last time is the salon owner's dog as it was there again. When I went to collect Tilly I could see Tilly's black fur covering the floor and the owner told me it doesn't usually look like that so I imagine Tilly had been busy fooling around with the other cockapoo or trying to grab the sweeping brush and mop as she does at home. I'm very happy they don't use crates and the owner had asked me how I wanted her trimmed and how much to take off. I asked that they don't give her the fan tail this time as without going into too much detail Tilly isn't keen on having her bottom wiped. Her tail still looks lovely though :)

Hubby and I took the opportunity to kill time in the nearby pub while waiting for Tilly to be groomed. It's a nice posh place with a good atmosphere and we just had a glass of diet coke each. Nobody bothered us for the hour and a half we spent in there, hubby read his newspaper and I'd bought a Sudoku puzzle book and managed to complete the first two puzzles but the prize puzzle was much more difficult but I've completed that at home and entered the competition.

It's turned cold again and we need the central heating back on and coats to go out and Tilly wore hers on her walk today seeing as she's had her fur shaved off. I've just put away the grocery delivery and you may remember I made a compost crumble  last winter. I recently watched a cookery programme where they made a peach and chocolate crumble  and served it with ice cream and we said that sounded delicious. I don't do much baking anymore so ordered a tin of peach slices and a bar of good dark chocolate and will make a crumble topping but I'll serve it with custard as a warming dessert this evening. I looked at my blog post for the crumble I made last year when I wrote about watching mindless television programmes and doing sudoku puzzles, not much has changed then :-)

Saturday, 23 April 2022

Chilly Spring day


It's quite a bit cooler today and breezy now, the wind is blowing the blossom from the trees. Even the horse is back to wearing her coat.

Would you believe it she's not called Jezebel or Jasmine after all but her name is actually Yasmine although she does answer to Jaz when I call her. 


I used to regularly feed her apples and carrots but Tilly has been getting more and more jealous so I've had to stop that but it looks like Yaz gets plenty of treats anyway.

There was another sign  on the fence offering free bags of manure but it looks like even Yaz is turning her nose up at those:)

It was nice to see the flock of sheep back in the nearby field along with their Spring lambs.

Monday, 18 April 2022

Easter weekend

We were blessed with some lovely warm weather this weekend and I'm pleased for my friend Eunice who is camping again in north Wales. She booked her pitch last month at a campsite she has stayed at previously and let me know she'd be coming to see me again.  So we spent a pleasant evening together on Good Friday and we'll see each other again tomorrow before she sets off for home. 

What did surprise me was what happened during last week. I opened an email from Eunice that promised a little something for me. I had been trying to access a newspaper article from almost fifty years ago and my friend Jayne had helped me enormously but to no avail. The only place the article could be accessed was on microfilm in Manchester library. I mentioned it to Eunice but never in a million years did I expect her to do what she did for me. 

So while Eunice had been on her street art travels she had passed the library and been in and asked about looking through the archives and she joined the library there and then. She returned a few days later armed with the rough dates I'd told her about and she started the search. I opened her email to see the article I had been longing to read again and shivers ran through me as shock and memories overwhelmed me. I was still in a state of shock when I emailed Jayne but left her a garbled message that made no sense. Like a round robin Jayne then asked Eunice to explain which she did. I won't go into great detail but basically it was a family matter that made a rather large headline. I was living away from home at the time and my mother had posted the entire newspaper to me and over the years I'd wished I'd kept it. Now I have the article printed out and it will be stored in a safe place. Jayne and I are in agreement that Eunice is a very, very special lady going all the way to Manchester and scrolling through all that microfiche from nearly fifty years ago and to do that for me.

Hubby and I hadn't made any plans for Easter but I decided I would go and buy doggy Easter eggs for Tilly and for Eunice's dogs  Poppie and Snowy but sadly the pet store had sold out. I did manage to find doggy chocolate drops which are safe for them in moderation and they're not actually chocolate which is extremely poisonous for dogs. So Saturday I got myself into gear and bought grown up Easter eggs for myself and hubby, bought hot cross buns and yesterday for our Sunday evening meal I roasted a leg of lamb and we shared a bottle of wine left over from Christmas so the Easter weekend turned out eggstremely well after all :)

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Hoping for the best


We only have a small back garden and it's how we've made it over the years as it was just part of the  building plot when we bought our new build house all those years ago. We've had to spend money to resolve a boundary dispute and we've replaced all the fencing but we're happy with how things have turned out.

This is the bush against the back gate and I saw a blackbird sat on the gate about a week ago. It had nesting material in it's beak and I'm pleased to say she has built a nest in the bush and I check every morning and see her sitting in the nest. Unfortunately I was recently reminded about an incident exactly two years ago when a magpie robbed the nest and dropped the egg and of course it smashed to the ground. The blackbird didn't return to the nest after that nor did she return last year. So I'm pleased to see a blackbird this year although I would like to protect her but of course I can't, I'd like to tell her she's not safe in there.

Looking back for the blog post from two years ago I was reminded that today is the anniversary of having my surgery to remove "the lump" and the thieving magpie incident occurred as I was recovering at home and I'd been happily watching the blackbird scurrying across the lawn only for the  thieving magpie to then destroy the nest.

I have three trees coming into blossom, one is a cherry tree and I usually leave the cherries for the birds to enjoy and I find cherry stones scattered around the garden. This is the flowering cherry tree in our neighbour's garden against our fence. My daughter-in-law recently wrote to me about how special cherry blossom is to Japanese people, she says she misses Japan a little in this season. She's going to see the cherry blossom in Regent's park in London with her friends and have lunch together, this is a beautiful Japanese tradition she tells me, isn't that wonderful.


Saturday, 9 April 2022

Worried sick


It's been an awful week for Tilly and us since I wrote my last blog post. Tilly became ill over that weekend with an upset stomach. She had yellow poop, was eating less and was definitely not herself.  I took her to the vets on Tuesday as she was due to have her second jab but I asked the vet to examine her first and Tilly had a temperature so was given tablets and some probiotic powder to put on her food. Chicken and rice the vet suggested and she wouldn't give her the vaccination until Tilly is better.  With Tilly not eating much and being sick now and again she hasn't had much of the powder and it has taken until yesterday for signs that she is recovering well, I'm pretty sure she's had gastroenteritis.

Before that trip to the big park a week ago I'd taken her to a pet store, one that has a play area for dogs. Tilly wasn't having any of it as there were two dogs wanting her to play but she was afraid of them. The staff were really nice and  told me they do special sessions for small dogs and wrote down the times for me but we won't be going back. I'd gone to the store to buy wormers and flea treatment for Tilly but the suitably qualified person wasn't available and I was told to return on Tuesday but as things turned out we didn't.

Tilly being much better yesterday I returned to the pet store but again the suitably qualified person wasn't available. To make matters worse the generic brand of flea treatment on the shelf was out of date, I'd told a staff member on my previous visit but the out of date packs had not been removed. It's shocking it really is, I'm saying this as a former retail manager but these are medicines I'm talking about now not bars of chocolate. 

On my previous visit I'd bought Tilly a couple of balls to play with and a bag of lambs ears as a treat. Tilly had eaten one of the lambs ears but whether that is what upset her stomach or not or she'd picked up a germ I just don't know. Anyway Tilly was well enough to play with her new squeaky balls yesterday and we returned for a nice walk in the big park. The remaining lambs ears are going in the bin. Hopefully Tilly can have her vaccination on Monday and all the clear from our vet.

Friday, 1 April 2022


Less than a week ago it felt like summer with  temperatures of 19° then a couple of nights ago we had snow but it had gone by the following morning. It is so cold the winter coats have had to make an appearance again. While it was sunny and warm I started thinking we could do with a short break away and so I booked a four night stay at a place we have been to before, it's not too far away and we won't be exploring just relaxing. I couldn't decide whether to book it for husband's birthday or our wedding anniversary but as they provide a luxurious welcome pack with champagne as part of the romantic collection our wedding anniversary it is. Not that we're romantic at all, not after forty-eight years of marriage, we just look after each other now in sickness and in health.

Our last break away was in 2017 when we stayed at the same place twice, once in April and then again in October. There were signs on that holiday that our dog Annie was getting old and so we decided not to take her away again and sadly we have another anniversary as it's two years today that we lost her. 

Of course in between then and now so much happened. Now we've got Tilly and hubby tells her she won't be going on holiday if she doesn't behave herself but of course she doesn't know what a holiday is yet :)

I took her to the big park yesterday not long before the rain came down and there were some dark clouds. Tilly had a good time on her extending lead and I took a few photos.  I took her into the walled garden to remember Annie who used to like to go in there and look for squirrels. Tilly spotted the bench around the tree and wanted to take a seat not that she needed to rest.


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