Monday, 28 March 2022

Book and go

I go to have my annual mammogram later this week. Two years since finding the lump and seventeen months since the end of my treatments, a lumpectomy, eleven of the twelve rounds of chemotherapy as I was reacting badly to the drugs by the end of the course and then I had to have three weeks of daily radiotherapy. 

I was reading the online news this morning about an MP discovering she had cancer at her routine check-up and how that saved her life. She said her first thought was that she was dying, mine too but I'm still here, a breast cancer survivor. She feared she was going to lose all her hair and that is such a big deal I can tell you. I did lose all my hair and two years on I still haven't been to the hairdressers as I'm determined not to lose my chemo curls although as you can see my growing hair is naturally poker straight.

 I took the calendar in the kitchen down so hubby could take my photo and I can see that the door needs painting, well that can wait until a rainy day. It goes without saying as you can see from my signs I am mad about dogs and the agenda each day is let the dog out, let the dog in.... :)

 I was so fortunate to have my breast screening and start the treatments during the first coronavirus lockdown and I'm so grateful to our wonderful NHS. I have the same message as the MP "Please go for your mammogram. Just book it and go."


Friday, 25 March 2022

Cheeky pups

Hubby went for a dental checkup today, we weren't aware he had an appointment until we received a text message reminder a couple of days ago so we assume that was another case of a wrongly delivered letter. It was such a beautiful day we decided to make the most of it and take some things to the charity shop, go and buy fish and chips to eat in the car, sit at an outdoors cafe and have coffee. Oh and I did pop into a gift shop and bought myself another cockapoo ornament. I pride myself on not being a collector of things but I just couldn't resist the downward doggy cockapoo to join the others I have acquired, they are just so cute.

I don't often write about my husband but his mobility is very poor now and he finds this four wheeled walker useful to lean on while walking a short distance and it means he is able to sit down if need be, The only problem with this is when he sits down a certain real cockapoo wants to sit on his knee and when he stands up to walk Miss Tilly thinks she should go for a ride. I took this photo on the promenade then insisting that hubby sits down on a bench to enjoy the sunshine while I take the cheeky little pup for a walk on her four legs :)

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Much needed sunshine

It was a nice sunny and warm day yesterday, quite breezy but I managed to get two loads of washing done which dried outdoors in no time. It would have been nice to go out somewhere but hubby is suffering quite badly with back pains.  I want him to see the doctor to get his medication reviewed and he agrees he needs to but whether he'll be able to or not I don't know.  

I took Tilly to see the horse and it was good to see she wasn't wearing the horse blanket she has been wearing for months. Unfortunately I had used up all my carrots and had nothing to give to her and she  followed me all around the fence neighing as she went and I felt so sorry for her. I spoke with a neighbour of mine who gives her extra strong mints so that's something else I should consider ordering. Anyway my grocery shopping was delivered in the afternoon so I now have enough carrots for the next week or so.


I'd come to a bit of a standstill doing my family tree research and had cancelled my subscription to the ancestry website as it was on an annual auto-renew and I felt I didn't want to spend that much money this time round. What with energy price rises due next month I'd checked back and discovered I'll be paying double in monthly direct debit payments to the energy company compared to what I was  paying this time last year.

Anyway I've had a change of plan on the ancestry research and taken out just one month's subscription which is much easier on the pocket. I 'd been contacted by a distant relative through a DNA match and we exchanged email addresses and she has given me plenty of information to whet my appetite again. We share the same great-great-grandparents although our great-great-grandfather died a young man leaving just the two children. So my newly discovered third cousin's relationship to me is that our great-grandparents were brother and sister. Interesting stuff delving into past lives, I wonder what future generations will think about us.

At least the research gives me something else to concentrate on. The television schedule yesterday included so much sport, there was horse racing and rugby of which I have no interest and the Formula One qualifying highlights which we did watch but I'm rather glad we've cancelled the sports package we were paying for as it seems there's no point anymore. Before that we'd watched a programme about Putin's war and what if he goes nuclear. It's all so depressing I'm glad we have some sunshine and warmth to enjoy.

Monday, 14 March 2022

Searching for photos

Thanks to Eunice and her valuable advice on my previous blog post I've been able to retrieve the photos I took whilst having no memory card in my camera. They were indeed stored in the camera's memory and I was able to access them by linking the USB cable from the camera to my desktop computer. I would never have thought of doing that by myself. They were the photos I took when I opened the parcel sent by Susan all the way from  Australia of the lovely coat she knitted for Tilly. I hadn't known what to expect and I was thrilled to bits with this very thoughtful gift.

The front of the coat although the colour is pink  as you can see in the photos below 

The underside of the coat
and the little lady herself modelling it

I have tucked the back under a bit as I really don't want the coat to get soiled. My fault entirely for not taking enough care with the measurements.  A huge thank you to Susan for such a wonderful gift and to Eunice for helping me retrieve those photos and teaching me something new.

Now for something entirely different. I've only just discovered this important information. If anyone has set up a prepaid funeral plan you need to know that they are going to be regulated from the end of July this year and quite rightly so too. You can check your provider's application status and details in the link here. Only registered operators will guarantee the safety of your payments so please do check. Our provider has submitted their application and that means they are being assessed but I will need to check back for updates. I would hate to lose some or all of our money and not have the funerals we have chosen and paid for.
Husband and I prepaid our funerals after attending a relative's funeral. I wrote about our visit to a crematorium's open day on a previous blog. A private crematorium had opened in 2016 and I persuaded husband that it might be a good idea to go along to the open day and take a look. I'll be honest we were apprehensive but we really enjoyed the visit. The two of us were taken on a guided tour of the chapel and then we were taken behind the scenes into the crematory and it was explained to us how it all works. Later we were given coffee and biscuits while we chatted about different funeral plans.  Before we left to have a wander unaccompanied around the memorial gardens, several other people were waiting their turn for their guided tour. Hubby and  I were completely sold on this state of the art crematorium and several days later we returned to prepay our funerals. Here's a few of photos I took at the time, it looks so peaceful there. I do hope this will be the place for our send offs but not for a while yet.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

A gift and a worry

The highlight of last week was receiving a lovely gift of a knitted doggy coat from blogging friend Susan in Australia and how kind of her to do that for Tilly. I took lots of photos of the coat fully opened and Tilly wearing it only to then discover I hadn't replaced the memory card in the camera. I'm not used to having to insert it into the slot on the back of the computer so that was a big disappointment. The coat is gorgeous, a lovely colour for Tilly and she doesn't mind me putting it on her and her harness sits nicely over the top. Sadly I discovered the coat was a tad too long at the back and that would have been my fault from the measurements I gave to Susan but I soon remedied that by tucking it under and a few stitches and it keeps Tilly's rear end nice and warm too.

Things went slightly downhill after our walk on Friday as I saw Tilly pick something up from the side of a garden  wall and eat it and it was too late for me to take it off her. She was very quiet for the remainder of the day which wasn't like her at all. She had a restless night keep wanting to go out but thankfully she was back to her normal self yesterday, I had been so worried about her but I'm still keeping a watchful eye on her.

One thing I did find on my walk was this tiny koala bear so I was going to leave it on a nearby garden wall but I was so amazed by the coincidence I brought it home to photograph. I placed a pound coin next to it to show you how small it is.

Apart from that I've been watching some of the Crufts dog show on the television. I've been to Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham three or four times in the past and enjoyed the experience. I was pleased a greyhound was the winner of the  hound group, I'll be watching the finale on TV tonight.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Change is good


I took Tilly for her booster jab yesterday now she is over twelve months old but she will need to have a second jab in four weeks time. Her first two jabs given last year were done by the vet of the breeder's choosing but I later registered Tilly at the vets practice I have used for over forty years. The vet told me they don't use the same vaccine as she was given last year so Tilly will need to start over again with two jabs, not a problem as I much prefer to use the vets practice I have always used.  Our original vet died a long time ago and the practice sold on, he was a nice, caring man and a well respected vet and I just wanted to stay loyal to the place I have always used.

After the visit to the vets I called at the pet store to buy some food for Tilly and met someone I knew who informed me the particular groomer I had originally used was no long employed at the place I first took Tilly to but she didn't go into any detail and I didn't ask. That was good news to me but it won't make a difference as I have now found the grooming  place I am much happier with. So now we have a good vet and a good groomer and all is well for Tilly,  one happy owner and one happy dog.

I can't leave this blog post without saying like everyone worldwide I am hearing and reading heartbreaking stories of the war in Ukraine. Please don't forget that animals need our help too. If you are able to donate then please do, a link here.  Donations can be made from that page. Thank you.

Monday, 7 March 2022


It was another beautiful day yesterday and I went down to the promenade for a walk with Tilly and it was just like holiday season had arrived. The car park was full with that one empty disabled bay vacated just before I took the photo. People were queuing for ice cream and donuts,  playing crazy golf and the bingo place, amusements and cafe were open and busy.


I would sometimes go for a game of prize bingo with Annie who would sit quietly on the floor by my side. The place seems to be under new management now and Tilly can be quite the lap dog and wanted to sit on my knee. The bingo caller didn't mind and asked if the dog would like to play her own board. I replied she wouldn't be able to turn over the numbers :) I played four games of bingo at twenty pence a go and came away with a win. The prizes aren't really worth having but it was fun and maybe we can do it again some time when the holiday season has truly arrived.

Sunday, 6 March 2022



The weather was glorious yesterday and unlike my last visit to the park just ten days ago when no daffodils were in bloom and no swans to be seen I wasn't disappointed. The pathway was lined with golden daffodils and there were five swans on the lake, two parents and three cygnets. I couldn't quite manage to photograph the five swans together but no matter I enjoyed watching them.

This notice was tied to the viewing platform and literally brought a tear to my eye. Run free Freckles, you were much loved..

Friday, 4 March 2022

Serious stuff can be fun

Tilly's been to the groomers this week and what a nice job they've done. I'm happy with this place and they said she was better behaved this time and getting used to them. She was playing with another small black cockapoo when it was time for her to be collected and I like that as they don't use crates. We definitely got Tilly back and they didn't give is the wrong small black cockapoo :)

She barked at this horse yesterday in typical Tilly fashion but she was on lead and  there were no issues. I've never seen a horse and rider making their way  down to the beach alongside the river at the harbour before. The rider told us it was the horse's first time on the beach. We watched them disappear out of sight and hoped they would be alright as the horse would have had to make it's way over lots of pebbles to get to the sand. It was a lovely looking horse and I hope horse and rider enjoyed their outing.

I walked Tilly over the boardwalk and there's a nice children's game designed for them to look for wildlife. I've seen sand lizards a few times but they move too quickly to grab a photo. It's my guess that the sand lizard regrew his tail but don't tell anyone I guessed that ;)


Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Till we meet again

Eunice called to see us again yesterday before she set off for home. The weather wasn't as nice as it had been for her weekend stay and it was that fine drizzly rain that wets you but she wasn't planning on stopping off anywhere else. We took a walk to see the horse and I walked her dog Poppie and Eunice walked Snowy. Unfortunately Tilly had to stay at home with hubby as Poppie is not keen on  being close to other dogs. Tilly was not happy either when she saw we were taking carrots for the horse without her.

 Snowy was jealous of the horse being fed carrots and was having a bark just as Tilly does. I know, I know we had to hook the dogs leads onto the dog waste bin but it's rather handy being where it is.


Poppie refusing to pose for a photo

It rained hard for the remainder of the afternoon after Eunice had left for home so Tilly missed out on her walk. We've made up for it today though and she's has had a good off lead run on the beach, it's been a lovely day but chilly enough for Tilly to need her jumper.

We called in the dog-friendly kite surfing cafe for a nice cup of coffee after the beach run. I'd told Eunice how nice it was in there so maybe that can be a place for her to visit on her next stay in north Wales.


Sunday's viewings

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