Sunday, 27 February 2022

Not a surprise

Friend Eunice let me know about three weeks ago that she had booked another two night stay at the same campsite where she stayed at the end of December. After all the wind and rain and three storms of last week I was really concerned it wasn't wise for her to be camping again in this weather. As it turned out this weekend has been lovely, nice sunshine if just a little bit chilly but ideal for Eunice to be out and about exploring and taking her photographs.

She arranged to call and see us on Saturday and spent a very pleasant evening with us. She arrived with gifts of teacakes and crumpets again from the factory where her son Michael works and were much appreciated by us. In return I'd bought her a bara brith following on from a comment she'd left on a previous blog post of mine. I had bought one for myself of course and I hope Eunice enjoys hers just as much as I do spread with lots of best butter along with a nice cup of tea or coffee.


The only downside to her visit was that Tilly was not very welcoming and disgraced herself with her yapping and that was odd as Eunice isn't a stranger. Sometimes I have to close the curtains in the daytime as Tilly will bark at anyone passing the house but thankfully it's fairly quiet where we live. She's a good little guard dog.

Eunice is going to call again tomorrow before she sets off on her journey home. I hope we have time to walk together to see the horse and take a couple of carrots for her but if not there will be another time soon I hope. Eunice is a really lovely friend.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Another storm, camera and jab

Storm Eunice was quickly followed by Storm Franklin.  I usually put out the recycling bins on Sunday evenings ready for collection on Monday morning but it was far too windy with nearly eighty mile an hour gusts. Monday morning I watched out for the council lorry arriving at the top of the road only to see a man chasing his bin down the road. He caught it and picked up all the rubbish just before the lorry arrived.

By early afternoon the wind had dropped enough to take Tilly to the park to see if the daffodils were in bloom but they aren't yet. I'd been having problems with my point and shoot camera and wanted to test it by taking a few photos of the birds on the lake, I had hoped to  see the swans but they weren't there. Anyway I've discovered my camera is alright and it's Image Capture that's not working but I can place the SD card into the slot at the back of my iMac and upload my photos that way. I took a photo of Tilly on the viewing platform and I can see she is more than ready to go the groomers next week.


I went for my fourth Covid jab yesterday and I was right to expect to feel ill afterwards. It started during the night with a headache and chills, I managed to go back to sleep and woke with awful leg cramps. It took me until this afternoon to feel better. I swear this jab will be the last one I have, even our dear Queen has had three jabs and still caught the virus in a palace with rooms as big as our house.

Saturday, 19 February 2022



Photo of my whirligig taken last November as my trusty little point and shoot camera has died on me :(

We seem to have escaped unscathed from the effects of Storm Eunice and I didn't leave the house at all yesterday. I stood for quite a while at my kitchen window watching the whirligig spin round like fury hoping it would stay rooted in the soil which it did. We were under a flood warning from high tide at noon which was thankfully lifted by late afternoon. It took me back in time thirty two years to February 1990 when the  area was flooded although our current home wasn't even built then. I was working with a lady unable to return home from our workplace and she stayed the night at my home. She was frantically trying to contact her husband who it turned out had stayed in his flooded home rather than be evacuated and thankfully he was unharmed. 

This is a link to the newspaper article on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the floods. Friend Eunice will no doubt recognise from the photograph that this was taken in front of the factory opposite to where our friendly neighbourhood giraffe now lives. 


 Internet photo from the Daily Post February 1990

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Stormy weather and yogurt

The weather this week is going from bad to worse. I went for my infusion on Monday and had already decided I would use the bus service for the twelve mile journey but the weather was appalling with really heavy rain but I managed to arrive there not too bedraggled.

The staff at this hospital are really lovely and no sooner was I settled in my chair with feet up I was given coffee and biscuits. They start with a saline solution before the main drug is given but I was told there was a problem as the doctor hadn't signed the prescription and they weren't allowed to administer it without. I expect it was because I'd only had my blood tests done on the Friday and that had been an emergency appointment otherwise it had to be March which was no use for me at all. Anyway the nurse phoned my doctor at the cancer centre and told me the signed prescription would be faxed to them. They waited and waited and by lunchtime they told me they would phone again as the doctor was probably busy in clinic. Not a problem I was in no hurry and they offered me lunch while I waited. 

I was given a choice of sandwiches so I chose egg, and I could have had salad with them but I declined. I was given another cup of coffee, a plate of sandwiches and a yogurt pot and spoon. I decided I would have the yogurt later and popped it into my shopping bag. I'd just finished my lunch when the infusion was authorised, that was followed with another saline flush then I was free to go home.

There's a reason I wanted to have the yogurt at home. I have one most days and Tilly has got used to licking out the empty pot and she'll sit and stare at me until I follow that with a Dentastix. The vanilla yogurt was lovely one of the nicest I've ever eaten so I was interested to see if I could buy them locally as I'd never seen that brand before. What I did discover is they are supplied to hospitals in Wales to provide patients with nutritious yogurts to help with recovery. I  see they also do a Coffee Lovers Welsh Afternoon Tea Hamper delivered all across Britain, I'll be looking for a reason to order one of those :)

Back to this very blustery and wet weather, I took Tilly for a walk on Tuesday and we got thoroughly soaked in the rain and then the effects of the infusion started to kick in and I felt rather flu like and unwell and after a rather restless night's sleep I had to cancel my fourth Covid jab yesterday as I felt too unwell to attend and I've rearranged that for next week. Then the postman delivered a letter with a rearranged video consultation that clashes with yet another appointment so I'm not having much luck.

I'm feeling OK today but as I was about to wash the breakfast dishes I noticed I have a rather big bruise on my hand where the infusion was given but it's nothing in the grand scheme of things. I'm so grateful for all the good care I've received over the last couple of years.

Now we have to brace ourselves for Storm Eunice about to batter Britain tomorrow. If you can then please do stay indoors and be safe. My friend Eunice at Life In The Mouse House blog emailed to tell me the storm has been named after her and at long last she's famous :)

Thursday, 10 February 2022

The old one and the youngster

Just lately I haven't been going very far on walks with Tilly but had some apples to use up so I've been taking them each day to the horse. If she's on the other side of the field she will come over to see me and expect her apple. Now the apples are all gone I ordered a bag of carrots for her and she'll happily munch on those which cost less and are far easier on the pocket. I spoke to a man one day who told me she is thirty-six years old, now whether that's true or not I have no idea but would expect that to be about one hundred years old in human years. He was taking bread to the Jacobs sheep in another field and they came running over to him although there were only two on that particular day, twins the man told me. He said the rest of the flock had been taken indoors as they lamb much earlier than regular sheep. I'd  previously been told the horse was called Jezebel but today I've been told that her name is Jasmine. Whatever it is I do feel sorry for her all on her lonesome. In another field close by I've never  seen so many seagulls in one place apart from on the beach and I wonder why they congregated there.

I'd abandoned a beach walk with Tilly at the weekend as the weather was so blustery but yesterday being such a nice day we had a lovely sandy beach walk where it isn't at all pebbly and is very dog-friendly. Tilly had a lovely time apart from when a few dogs came running up to play with her but she was having none of that and jumped up at me for reassurance. We made a good day of it and sat and had fish and chips in the car and a jumbo sausage for Tilly. We used to do that for Annie and Tilly enjoyed it very much too.

I have a raft of appointments coming up starting with blood tests tomorrow, my six-monthly infusion next week and a fourth Covid jab a couple of days after that. The fourth jab is given to people who had a weakened immune system when they had their first two doses and mine was due to having had the chemotherapy and radiotherapy in 2020. I also had an online video consultation booked for next week but that clashed with the day of the infusion so I've had to cancel that. I'm expecting to feel under weather next week as previous infusions and Covid jabs have been known to make me feel unwell. Once they are all done we'll be back on that beach having a fun time again. 

I hope you realise from the title of the blog post that Tilly is the youngster and the horse is the old one and I'm somewhere in between :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

No to a smart machine


My washing machine gave up the ghost last week. It started making a dreadful noise during the spin cycle then I left it for a few days before trying again with the next load of washing.  I had to stop the machine mid-cycle as the noise was unbearable and thankfully I was able to take out the clothes and hope there wasn't too much detergent still left in them.  I can't remember how long I've had the washing machine but I thought there was no point in trying to get it fixed so decided to buy a new one, nothing is built to last these days.

I've always had Hotpoint appliances before but discovered I was limited in choice due to the width of the new machine as I need to keep my laundry basket at the side of it and it only just fits, it's a tight squeeze in my utility room. I used to keep the laundry basket in the bathroom until we had a bathroom makeover and then it had to be moved downstairs. The interesting point of my search was discovering some machines are WiFi-enabled. Now I don't have a smart phone just a mobile phone I can make calls and text on but help me out here, why would you need to control a washing machine from your phone? I never go out leaving my washing machine running and wouldn't be so lazy as to set it off from another room, why would you when you've just loaded the clothes and detergent in. Anyway that aside I've chosen a brand I'm not familiar with but it has a good energy rating and spin speed. I ordered it online on Sunday afternoon and it will be delivered this afternoon just 48 hours after placing the order and the old machine will be taken away to be recycled. I think that is tremendous customer service and I hope my new machine will look smart :)

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