Sunday, 28 November 2021

Weathered the storm

I didn't sleep well at all on Friday night while the storm was raging. Luckily we escaped any damage although a neighbour's house had tiles blown off the roof and someone down the road had the door of either a conservatory or greenhouse blown into their garden. Lots of trees down all over the country and many power cuts. As you may know I'm less than five miles away from the castle and the show's celebrity contestants have been removed and shows have been cancelled.

The wind had died down somewhat by the morning and I decided it was safe to take Tilly to dog training class. The promenade was partially closed and a fire engine present at a building where scaffolding I presume had become unsafe. Traffic was diverted through town and I saw a tree had come down through a wall and landed on top of a doctor's surgery. I took a couple of photos on the way home about an hour and a half later when workmen were present.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dog training class. Tilly is getting much better at the loose lead walks and actually waited while I went through the gate first this time. Unexpectedly half way through class the trainer set up two tables and chairs and brought out paper cups, soft drinks and plates of chocolate biscuits and the two classes, puppies and beginners classes joined together for refreshments. I had a nice chat with a lady who unbeknown to me said she was a radiographer for the cancer screening service  and she urged me to continue with the dog training classes but I doubt I will.

On returning home after class I was so tired I fell asleep on the sofa and was rudely awakened at three o'clock by a knock on the door as our online grocery order was being delivered. I had convinced myself I had placed an order for Sunday but apparently not. I was glad it turned up as I was running low on milk and it has saved me from going out to buy any this morning. I now badly need my windows cleaning as I can barely see through them, it must be from all the sand that has blown in the wind. At least the garden whirlygig I bought earlier this month has had a good spin :)

Friday, 26 November 2021

A busy but nice week

        Posing for the camera

If last week was a funny old week this one has been a strange and busy one for us. Tuesday hubby went for his booster jab and thankfully he hasn't had any bad side effects apart from a sore arm. His jab was given at our GP's surgery and it wasn't the hassle that going for mine on a business park was. We have had different vaccines and that's the reason for the different places and reactions I expect.

Wednesday was Tilly's dog grooming appointment at the new to us place but prior to going the groomer phoned and gave me the opportunity to reschedule the appointment but I chose to go instead. After Tilly had been groomed she closed the shop for ten days as her husband had tested positive for covid although her test had proved to be negative. I figured we have enough antibodies to be immune and I hope that is the case but I'm not worried. Tilly had needed the grooming session as it had been quite a while since her last appointment elsewhere. I am happy with the new place but the groomer did say Tilly was nervous and frightened. She'll be going again to have a pre-Christmas pamper to get her used to going there. The staff are really nice, friendly and professional but I did feel sorry for them as they were having a stressful day having to rearrange about forty appointments she said.

While Tilly was with the groomer hubby and I went to a nearby bar and restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal. We both had sirloin steak and chips and hubby exchanged his mushrooms for my onion rings. We both had desserts and mine was a raspberry pavlova, hubby had a chocolate brownie both with ice cream. I can't remember the last time we'd enjoyed such a nice meal out. While we were eating our meal we noticed a diner and his dog leaving the place so I asked the waitress if it was dog-friendly and she said it was in the bar area where we were seated but not upstairs in the restaurant. We'd been asked if we'd pre-booked but we hadn't but they didn't mind that particular day with it being mid-week and quiet and the weather was dreadful but we will definitely return and book in advance next time.

Yesterday  the car had to go in for a full service and annual MOT. The staff at the dealership are really nice and normally they give us a lift to a nearby town and come and pick us up when our car is ready to collect. Having Tilly with us we decided to use the bus, a first for Tilly and she was really well behaved, sat on my knee as good as gold. The only thing I bought was a jumper for Tilly as I figured she would feel the cold having been so recently groomed. She was wearing her coat but I'd bought that about four months ago and it's slightly too big. I bought a medium size coat thinking she would grow into it but she's now somewhere between a small and a medium size dog. Anyway the medium jumper seems to be a better fit than her medium size coat so it won't need to go back. We were able to take her again and have a meal although this was a a different town. It was lasagne, salad and garlic bread for me, gammon, egg and chips for hubby. The car passed it's MOT with flying colours so that was good but not entirely unexpected as we barely travel any long distances anymore. The staff told us they would have been able to drive us into town in our car and collect us in our car when it was ready so that's good to know for next time. One of the staff chatted to us for quite a while, showed us a photo on his phone of his slightly older and almost identical black cockapoo and it was clear he adored his girl as much as we love Tilly.

So it'll be Tilly's penultimate training session tomorrow and the week after that her fancy dress do. Her outfit has arrived and it's very nice but I've not tried it on her yet. Fingers crossed for a good fit and a restful week next week.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

A funny old week

It's been a funny old week. On Sunday we went to find the place I had to attend to have my third Covid jab. I wouldn't have been able to go on the bus as there was a planned five week bus strike to start that very day. So I went to have my jab on Wednesday. At the desk at the entrance the man asked to see my vaccination record and commented I'd had a long wait since having my second jab back in March. I then joined a short queue where a lady was complaining that the taxi fare would have cost her £40 but she'd asked a relative for a lift there instead, There were notices on the wall informing us that the Pfizer vaccine has had a name change and is now called Comirnaty which I didn't know about. Then when it was my turn the vaccinator asked me a lot of health related questions and she didn't think I should be having the third dose and I told her I had queried that on the phone. Anyway she toddled off to speak to a manager who came to tell me somewhere along the line my consultant had decided I was vulnerable. So I had the jab, will have the booster in six months time and I waited the necessary fifteen minutes before leaving. Coming out of the Centre I was greeted by a fourteen week old puppy who had mistaken me for his Mum but I didn't mind and his Mum was actually right behind me. Anyway I've since had a letter from my Health Board confirming I am eligible for a 3rd primary dose. Well, I suffered the side effects of the jab waking up during the night with a bad headache and chills and a sore arm. I spent most of Thursday laying on the sofa feeling very unwell. 

I was feeling much better by Friday and Tilly gets very excited if I ask her if she wants to go and see Mr. Horse and  I told her we'd take an apple for him. You can see how much Tilly likes the horse as she's not afraid at all.

Not long after Mr Horse had finished his apple a gentleman turned up to feed him brown bread and carrots. He said good girl to her. A girl I asked, is she a girl? So all this time I've been calling him Mr Horse and he's actually a girl called Jezebel. So Tilly will now have to get used to me asking if she wants to go and see Jezebel :)

Later in the day we had a consultation booked at a groomer's place that has been recommended to me by one of the dog trainers. A very posh place it is and it's actually a bespoke pet spa and Tilly has been taken on as a client, nothing but the best for our Tilly. I'm trying to work on her separation anxiety problem but the spa know all about it and three groomers will look after her for us, no other dogs will be present and they don't use cages and will play with her. It sounds absolutely marvellous.

So today we've been to dog training class and informed the last lesson of this course in two week's time will be another fun day with all classes combined and there will be fancy dress. I have told them I won't be going any further with training lessons so that one will be Tilly's final class and we'll have to make it memorable. I've ordered  her a costume online but you'll have to wait and see what she goes as :) I'm not dressing up in case you're wondering. What I did do this afternoon was take her on the beach and we met a cockapoo out celebrating her second birthday. I'd already been into the nearby kiosk to see what was on sale there and I couldn't resist buying a bandana for Tilly. As you may know the programme starts tomorrow in the nearby castle.

 It's very apt, I'm A Cockapoo Get Me Out Of Here

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Training, jabs, poppies and truffles

They had some new equipment at dog training yesterday, things to put two paws on then four paws on and then balance on and Tilly is good at that and it's fun for her. Unfortunately she will never learn the wait while I move away from her as I'm sure her separation anxiety is getting worse and it's solely down to her being with us 24/7.  We did some recall again and the trainer told me I'll never lose Tilly as she is so desperate to get back to me.

The other day I had a letter inviting me for my Covid vaccination but unfortunately it clashes with next week's dog training class and the venue is in the opposite direction from home. I was able to phone and rearrange but was told it was for my third dose not the booster. I was really puzzled and it seems I have been put into a group of people with underlying health conditions. I queried this and was told to speak to my doctor but I've booked to have the third jab anyway. 

After yesterday's dog training class I called to see what was new in the monthly farmers' market in the community hall. I was impressed that the town had decorated almost every lamp post  and pole and even the traffic light poles with large poppies in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the First World War and hope for a peaceful future.


I even spotted this decorated stone and came away with some lovely hand crafted rum truffles.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Mother's little helper

If you don't already follow my good friend Eunice's blog do pop over there as she has posted some of her excellent photos of her recent three day visit to see me. I asked if she'd mind taking some photos of Tilly and she's included some today along with her description of the campsite she stayed on for two nights. She describes Tilly as an adorable bundle of fur. 

When Tilly isn't posing for photographs I thought you might like to see some of her day to day activities which includes helping with household chores. As fast I put clothes into the washing machine Tilly sorts them and decides which garments she'd like to run around the house and garden with. It's usually socks or underwear and she doesn't mind if they're white or coloured. It gives me a daily workout chasing her to get them back :)

Monday, 8 November 2021

Courses and horses

I'd been undecided all week whether to continue with the dog training lessons or not but decided on the day I would go and ask the question if it was worth continuing with the course. As it turned out there were more dogs at this lesson and I suppose less focus on Tilly and at the start the trainer told us there was no compulsion to go in for the award and explained the standard required. Thank you for your comments on my previous blog post and we are going to forget the award scheme and just teach Tilly all the basics for her to be a  well behaved and happy dog. This will be the last course we go to and as we're half way through, we've started so we'll finish.

There were seven dogs in class this week plus the trainer's dog who shows us how certain tasks should be done. He's fourteen years old bless him and slightly deaf so it is sometimes amusing when he's told to wait and he doesn't. Anyway it turned out to be an enjoyable lesson and Tilly did quite well. She actually waited at the gate for me to go through first and I have to say she doesn't do that at home and I do try every day with our stair gate.  We all took turns going round a course with the gate, waiting at a make believe road and a meet and greet with another person and their dog. One thing Tilly wouldn't do was choose a toy to tug with and she has plenty at home and is a favourite game. At the end of the lesson the trainer set up an agility course and Tilly did very well, I even let go of her lead knowing full well she wouldn't be distracted by other dogs and she went over the low bars, through hoops and through the tunnel, I was well pleased with her.

So when we don't go down to the beach I take her to see Mr. horse although she does get jealous when I pay him too much attention. Now in an adjacent field there are three more horses. Yesterday was the second time I've met them and one comes over to say hello although as it's a barbed wire fence I don't get too close. Another interesting and fun walk for me and Tilly.

Friday, 5 November 2021

5th of November

I really hope there aren't too many fireworks going off tonight although the nearby fun park just a mile and a half away from where we live held their fireworks display last Saturday evening and we did hear the loud bangs but thankfully Tilly wasn't too bothered by the noise. 

We've had a couple of beach walks this week although on this particular day there were too many seagulls on the beach to let Tilly run loose.

Another day I went into town to spend a voucher I had been given. It was a goodwill gesture for the badly engraved dog tag I had purchased and complained about and although the voucher was for only half the cost of the dog tag I decided I would buy a photo frame with it. So I chose a gold frame for a photo  Eunice had kindly taken for me and I've placed it underneath a painting Ann gifted to me. Aren't I lucky to have such kind and generous blogging friends. I'm very happy with how the arrangement looks and it looks like Tilly is looking up to Annie.

Down on the beach it amused me that Tilly was busy mooching in the razor shells alongside the groyne exactly as they are in by blog header photo.


Today we called at the Garden Centre and we like it there as it is such a dog friendly place. I think every member of staff must have made a fuss of Tilly and we even said hello to another black dog in there called Tilly. We also met a couple of friends we hadn't seen for over eighteen months as they had been shielding and we had a catch up on our respective health issues. I went in there to buy an advent calendar and you probably have guessed that I'm going to put a dog treat a day in the drawers. Call it another moment of madness but on impulse I bought a wind sculpture. They had one on display outside the store and I was fascinated with it and thought one would look good in my garden and I think it does and I can't wait for a windy day now to see it spinning round :)

Please do remember to keep your pets safe and happy tonight as it's Bonfire Night.

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