Monday, 24 May 2021


My friend Eunice wrote a blog post about her Postcrossing hobby and showed some of the lovely postcards she has recently bought. Her blog post inspired me to show you the card she sent to me a couple of weeks ago. It was a complete surprise when it dropped through my letterbox and Eunice wrote inside that it reminded her of Tilly but wrong colour of course.


Little did Eunice know but  although Tilly is jet black with some white on her chest, Tilly's Mum is the spitting image of the dog on the card, a chocolate cockapoo. I didn't write any details about Tilly when I introduced her on my blog, but even more surprising is Tilly's Dad is an apricot cockapoo.  Tilly was from a litter of seven pups, six black girls and one apricot boy. The boy was already sold but we chose Tilly from the black sisters, we've always had bitches so we wanted a girl anyway.  Tilly was born on New Year's day so I won't ever forget her birthday and of course I think she is so cute with her poodle fur and spaniel face. I'm keeping the card in my dog journal and thank you so much Eunice.


Eunice also posted a photo of a lovely picture she has bought so I will show you the picture I bought for our recently painted wall in the  downstairs cloakroom. I found it online and it is handmade from pebbles, driftwood and sea glass finished with a twine frame.  It features a family of four and dog and I just had to have it. Some people are so talented and have such interesting hobbies. I sometimes wonder how on earth I manage to keep my blog going but now and then I get some inspiration from somewhere or other :)

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Pulling and a review

The sun eventually made an appearance yesterday so it was third time lucky taking Tilly to the big park. The previous two times it had rained hard as soon as we'd arrived there and each time we'd quickly headed back to the car to save getting soaked. I made it to the bird viewing platform but unfortunately couldn't manage a decent photo of the two swans as I think they were looking for food and were too close to the underside of the platform and I couldn't quite manage to lean over comfortably and I didn't have anything to offer them anyway.

I really do need to stop Tilly from pulling on her lead as it's constant now apart from when she stops to sniff at something. I decided to take the new harness back to the pet store for a refund as I can't wait for her to grow into it.  I bought a double ended training lead instead as following a suggestion from Ann to try a head collar as it worked for her son's dog Barney who also pulls hard on the lead I decided to try a no pull harness first so I've ordered a harness online after measuring Tilly's chest properly so hopefully that will arrive soon.

For such a small pup she really is strong and it's hurting me to walk her. This week I have a telephone review with my surgeon following a recent mammogram. Seems like the treatment I received has caused it's own problems although thankfully no sign of the return of the cancer. I have no idea what will be the treatment for the treatment.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Making progress

It's sunny and warm today but unfortunately the weather forecast says it's set to change later in the week and we can expect some stormy weather. I'm taking advantage while the sun shines and am now able to let Tilly off lead in the dog-friendly secure area of our park. She loves chasing the ball thrown with the ball thrower and brings it back to me. She doesn't give up the ball easily though so I have carry two tennis balls with me. Tilly runs super quick for such a small pup and certainly tires herself out.

Unfortunately the new small size harness I bought is still too big for her but I'm keeping it hoping she will grow into it soon so she still needs to wear her red extra-small size harness. I'm pretty sure she isn't going to grow into a big dog but as she's now four and a half months old I thought she'd be bigger than she is by now. We are making progress but she does pull on her lead, gets easily distracted if she sees birds or other dogs and jumps about like a fool. We saw a squirrel in the park today but it was too quick to catch Tilly's attention but I was pleased to see it and especially when I saw a baby squirrel appear as well but that was quick too. Sadly too quick for photos so some Tilly photos will have to do :)


Friday, 14 May 2021

Topping things off

Hubby went for his second Covid jab yesterday and knowing he wouldn't be in the doctor's surgery for long I walked Tilly to the nearby postbox to post a letter. I was pleased to see the box had a topper which was obviously put on for Easter. Nice to see that it's still intact as some of the lady's toppers that she's made have very sadly been vandalised and it makes me wonder what is wrong with some people who have to mindlessly destroy things. The letter wasn't important so if it doesn't get collected until Monday then no matter.

We then went into town and we came across hubby's brother and his wife who were resting on a bench in the town centre. My sister-in-law and I went shopping in a nearby store and left the two brothers chatting and she kindly bought a toy for Tilly which kept her quiet for at least half an hour when we returned home. I also called in the jewellery store to buy a watch for hubby's birthday as that was what he finally decided he wanted.

The painting of the top half of the downstairs cloakroom is now all finished and I'm pleased with the result. I like the shade of grey paint I bought and as I'd purchased a large tin of the one coat emulsion which was better value than buying a smaller tin to do the job there is plenty of paint left over. I now plan to use it in the utility room so that's the next unexpected job on the list for next week. It's all worked out cheaper than paying the tiler to do the job in the cloakroom and I'm actually glad we reverted to plan A which was to have it half tiled and the top half emulsioned.

The wall above the radiator was crying out for a new mirror and I'm pleased with the art deco style mirror  I chose. Hubby said he didn't like it at first but now it's up on the wall he agrees it goes well in there. You can just see the reflection of the light switch in it and at least I avoided my own reflection while taking the photo :)

I took Tilly to the big park today and it was like a re-run of the last time I took her there when the heavens opened as soon as we'd arrived there. I'm getting so fed up with this strange unpredictable weather we're having recently so staying at home and doing some painting seems to be just the job.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021


Tilly was needing a stronger harness so a pet store visit was earmarked for today. She's almost outgrown her first one and as she still pulls a fair bit on her lead a decent harness was needed. Unfortunately while I was deciding on the most suitable one she disgraced herself by having a wee on the pet shop floor. The assistant wasn't too bothered, mopped it up and gave her a puppy dentastick as a treat.

While I was out I decided to buy a cake for hubby's upcoming birthday and his inner child wanted a caterpillar cake. I'm not complaining as any chocolate cake is good and he will have to share the cake with me of course.


I noticed there was a car boot sale taking place nearby and this is one where dogs are allowed unlike the larger more organised Sunday car boot sale where dogs are banned. Although there wasn't much that appealed to me I did buy a couple of books for fifty pence each and both seem to be in brand new condition. The book I bought for hubby had a letter inside and had been gifted by the publishers to a newspaper editor asking him if he would write a piece about the book and telling him that the authors were available for interview. I'm pretty sure that article did appear on the one hundred year anniversary of the first world war. Hubby will enjoy reading that I'm sure.

For myself I bought a book about tracking down your ancestors. I have been spending quite a lot of time recently on my family tree and working through my DNA list with some success. I had a break from the research last year while I was undergoing my cancer treatment but have got back into it again. I'm not sure if the book will be any use but I'll give it a go. There's certainly always more things to learn.

I was contacted recently by a lady whose partner John and his father were in my family tree and as she was new to her own research she asked me what our connection was. Her partner John didn't know much about his father's side of the family. I had to revisit what I had previously found but even I had a bit of a surprise. John's grandfather was the first husband of my distant cousin's second wife and had died at a young age. I  was able to tell her when and where John's grandfather died and even the churchyard where he is buried but not why he died. There were some tragic circumstances uncovered and my contact is ordering some certificates. I was pleased to be able to help but really there is no blood relationship to John and myself but I am hoping this lady stays in touch with me and that she discovers more answers to her many questions. It was good for me to be involved and get the old brain cells working hard again.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Wet weekend

It's finally stopped raining after the typical Bank Holiday weather, it's been so very wet and windy. Our garden is covered in the blossom blown from our neighbour's tree just the other side of the fence, I'm not complaining but it's a shame as the tree was looking lovely. I could do with buying more plants for the raised bed but will leave it this year as a certain Miss Tilly likes to trample in there as well as jumping into the flower tubs.

I've had to remove the foam insulation covering the pipes from the boiler as it was like a magnet to her. She's now tall enough to nibble the end so I will need to take some more off. The joys of having a pup that is into all sorts of mischief.

I was warned to be careful taking Tilly for a walk at the weekend as travellers had set up camp on the nearby industrial estate after having been moved on from school playing fields. Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know that every spring and summer we have a problem with them here and at one time they pitched up in our street and smashed  car windscreens.

I should have known better at Bank Holiday time but we decided to take Tilly for a short drive in the car on Sunday and visit the big park where she could have a good run on the long lead. The weather was quite warm so I didn't need to wear a coat but as soon as we arrived at the park it started to rain and as it was coming down quite heavily our walk was quickly abandoned. It then took well over an hour to travel the few miles back home and I couldn't believe it but it started to hailstone while we were moving very slowly in the queue of traffic. We hadn't expected it to be as busy as it was especially this year with some restrictions still in place  but it looked like the caravan parks were very busy. Lots of people sat outside pubs and cafes even in the rain. 

Bank Holiday Monday the weather was so wild we didn't even venture out of the house. Seems like the worst of the bad weather is now over, just typical for those having that long awaited break away just for the weekend.

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