Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Sheep, jab, workmen and weather

What a difference a day makes as it was blowing a gale on Monday then yesterday it felt like summer had arrived. I took Tilly to see the lambs in that windy weather but instead of spring lambs in the field there was a flock of the strangest looking sheep I have ever seen. I've searched online and think they are these here.

Yesterday I was invited at short notice to go and have my second Covid jab. It was a dilemma as the workmen were arriving to do our cloakroom refit the same morning. I decided for a change I could travel there by bus while hubby stayed at home dog sitting. Having arrived well before my allotted time I had a wander round the nearby retail park but as most stores were closed that didn't take long. Just as the bus was very quiet so was the vaccination place and I was able to walk in and be jabbed and they weren't fussed that I was early. By the time I arrived back home I'd been wearing my face mask for several hours and it was not pleasant on the warmest March day in 53 years.

The nurse warned me about the side effects of the second jab and sure enough I awoke in the nighttime with a headache, chills and sore arm. I'm not feeling too bad at the moment having dosed myself up with paracetamol. I'm hoping the cloakroom refit is finished today as it is only being half tiled, new toilet, sink and radiator. I haven't taken any before photographs but I may take some after photos when the job is finished. I hope the warm weather continues so we can get out and by then I'll be feeling better and we can  enjoy this lovely warm weather.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Out and about

Our stay local rule was scrapped yesterday and we are now free to travel anywhere within Wales. We did stay local but decided we'd kill a few birds with one stone so to speak. A visit to the pet store and then call to see hubby's brother who said he was unwell last  time he phoned us two or three weeks ago. He looked really poorly and my heart went out to him because he and his wife have endured so much during the back end of last year. The restrictions placed on us all because of this virus and the resulting heartbreak is downright cruel and that's all I'm going to say.

Next on the agenda was to take Tilly for a short walk in the park. The daffodils follow the length of  the path right down to the lake where my sister-in-law told us she'd seen no less than thirteen swans the other day but it was a tad too far for Tilly's little legs and so we'll go to see the birds another day.

Then we decided to go to the nearby beach cafe and have takeaway coffee and a bite to eat while sat in the car. It was busy and the car park was quite full with more cars parked on the beach than we'd usually see and there were a couple of campervans parked at the side of the road. This isn't a beach to walk Tilly on as it's far too pebbly and we will go a little further afield another day so she can feel the sand between her toes then.

We talked with a couple who had a gorgeous fifteen week old pup with them not too dissimilar to Tilly but honey coloured and a mix of three breeds but none of that matters to us as we just love dogs, most dogs. The couples' two boys were on the floor making a fuss of Tilly and she was lapping up the attention. Us two women were comparing notes about socialising and training and our pups funny habits and she told us they weren't local but just a forty minute drive away but from within Wales.  Of course we are not allowed to travel outside of Wales and we are the first UK nation to lift the travel ban. I do wonder how many folk from England will travel to north Wales and break the rules. It's no wonder it's busy after the horrible cold winter lockdown we've just had.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Fuss monster

Tilly has only been going on short walks while she gets used to being on the lead. I saw these in someone's garden and from the other side of the road I really thought someone was lying down on the bench.

I've been stopped by several other dog walkers asking all about Tilly, how old, what breed is she, where did I have her from is she good, isn't she cute :) It's nice though, I've missed this interaction with other dog walkers.

Today hubby went for a dental check up and so on the way home we called at a different pet store from where we'd bought her original pet supplies and Tilly had such a fuss from the staff I ended up not buying anything as I couldn't browse around the store. Tilly absolutely adores being made a fuss of and one of the staff even asked if she could take her home but I did say no.

Considering we have only had her for four weeks she's grown quite a bit and is developing into a real character but she can be very naughty at times.  Here she is in quiet mode in her favourite place snuggled next to hubby looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

First proper walk


So we bought Tilly all her essential supplies, a little leather, purple collar and a dog disc but unfortunately the disc is slightly too big and was driving her crazy so I've ordered a smaller one online. I think her little red harness and lead suit her so I may stick with that colour when she outgrows this harness. 

On Thursday I introduced Tilly to a couple of friends on our estate, socially distanced of course. Our friend G was besotted with her and has offered us free doggy day care if ever we need it which was lovely of her. She lost her own little dog a couple of years ago and G has been a good friend to us these past twelve months regularly phoning to check if we were alright while shielding.

So yesterday was the day of Tilly's first proper walk and we didn't want to go too far. The walk involved some dancing around, being carried and then after becoming fascinated with some lambs we took her to meet the horse but didn't get too close.The horse came over to us to check out the little black dog on the end of a lead.

Then Tilly decided it was quite alright walking on a lead and she could walk nicely, so her first proper walk was very enjoyable and the start of things to come. Did it tire her out, well not really :-)

Friday, 19 March 2021

Two places at once


I was surprised to receive a paper census questionnaire through the post as I certainly hadn't requested one but decided to fill it in rather than complete it online. It had crossed my mind that if everyone does it online on the day then surely the website will crash.

I've filled it in early and will post it on Sunday. Completing it reminded me of the time I was researching my husband's family tree. I discovered his maternal grandmother born in  late 1897 was thirteen on the 1911 census  but was actually listed in two households. She was always known as Florrie and christened, married and died with that name. yet on the 1911 census her parents had listed her as Florence so maybe she had been naughty on that particular day. I also discovered Florrie listed at her cousin's home some five miles away but as he and his wife had a two year old son maybe Florrie was looking after the child at the time, who knows but I was certainly puzzled trying to figure it out. It goes to show that as no one can be in two places at once, one of the households must have filled in their census early.

Wanting to revisit the records on the Ancestry site yesterday I decided to renew my membership for another twelve months. I let it lapse in August last year as I had done hardly any research what with having cancer treatment and suffering from brain fog. I definitely feel I am up to taking it on the challenge again now. Another reason I let it lapse was my husband had about four attempts doing his DNA test and each time they failed to produce a result. As he was doing nothing wrong when producing  his saliva samples we can only deduce it's the medication he takes which is the culprit. Anyway it was disheartening for both of us so we gave up on that as well as my doing the research.

Don't forget to fill in your census forms on Sunday or you could risk a £1,000 fine.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Almost there


We took Tilly for her second vaccination on Friday and now have to wait another seven days before she can go outside. Later this week we will go and buy her a collar, dog disc. lead and harness and then she'll be all set for going on daily walks and then we can take her to all the places we used to take Annie. 

We've got too used to staying at home while in lockdown and it will do us good to get out for regular exercise. The stay at home restrictions in Wales were lifted yesterday and now we must stay local which is usually within a five miles radius. 

From tomorrow hairdressers will be open for appointments. Fortunately for me I won't be needing to make an appointment just yet and I thought I'd show you how well my hair is growing back and I'm pleased to say I now have a wave in my hair that I didn't have before chemotherapy when I lost not only my hair but my eyebrows and eyelashes too.

July 2020

October 2020

March 2021

My hair isn't exactly behaving itself as it grows back as there's an annoying sticky up bit on top but in the grand scheme of things it's a minor detail and nothing hair products won't put right.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Spring loaded fun

 Tilly is fascinated with the spring loaded door stop in the hall behind the front door.



Friday, 5 March 2021

First week

I can't believe how quickly a week has flown by. It's certainly been a week of fun and games with the little madam. She knows her name now and is quick to learn but seems to ignore the command "leave" usually when she's tugging the rug which fascinates her. She adores this yellow ball which squeaks but sometimes prefers the tassels on my slippers. Unfortunately I can't get a decent photo of her face as her eyes are so dark but believe me it's a very cute face.

We have never used a crate for any dog we've had before but earlier this week we decided to buy one to keep her safe. We bought a purple one as she was the puppy with the purple collar which identified her from her litter mates. The crate was ideal when we took in and unpacked our grocery delivery and today we are expecting our medicines being delivered. Later this month we will be having workmen in the house for a few days as we are having the downstairs cloakroom refitted. When the same workmen were working in our en-suite early last year, our grocery delivery arrived at the same time and Annie darted past us and ran into the street which gave us an awful fright but thankfully we got her back quickly and safely. We can't take the chance of that same thing happening again with Tilly.


Needless to say she absolutely hates being confined for the very short time we use it and she cries like a baby and makes us feel oh so guilty. She spends the majority of her time curled up asleep alongside hubby on the sofa and has learned to climb up there by herself to be next to him. She's a very good girl and lives up to all the details on the sticker I bought for my dog journal.

Monday, 1 March 2021



This little pup is full of beans. She has given us quite a few laughs this weekend but is keeping us on our toes. She loves to tug with her rope toy, chase a little ball which keeps disappearing under the sofa, throws her soft toys around and she can actually drag her large cushion and puppy pads around the room. She's learned there are other toys in her toy box and in other words she is full of mischief.

When she's finished playing she likes to take her naps on the sofa  and has learned she can climb up hubby's outstretched legs to get there. In other words she is fearless. She's really good at night and stays in her nice big bed though. There's no doubt she is a happy little soul.




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