Saturday, 27 February 2021

First day and night

We've struck gold with young Tilly, what a good dog she is.  So yesterday she needed a bit of a bath and that happened in the kitchen sink and she adored being dried with a soft towel. The only problem with her is she needs a white stripe painting down her back so we can see where she is as she zooms around the room :) Her tail is always wagging and if she's not running around, playing with her toys then she's having a cuddle.


Only the tiniest whimper from her at bed time and she soon settled. She's slept all night although I awoke about three o'clock to use the bathroom but that's not unusual for me. Tilly used her kiddies bed mat which we'd placed by her bed on the floor and recommended to us by my good friend Eunice, thanks for that suggestion as they are so much bigger than puppy training pads. Then she slept again until I woke up just after six thirty this morning. She's had some milk for her breakfast and is fast asleep again. There'll be more fun and games today I'm sure.

Friday, 26 February 2021

This week

I had an infusion in hospital on Monday and unfortunately the side effects gave me a bad headache and a fever for a couple of days which wasn't very nice and I felt fit for nothing. Thankfully I only need to have these every six months for the next three years so that's a relief. Hubby kept himself occupied and completed the jigsaw I showed you in my previous post, seems that the family won the million and are celebrating their win.

He went for his Covid jab yesterday and as it was at our GP's surgery he was given a date for his second jab in May but I've yet to hear when and where my second dose will be. We had an errand to do this week and that was to go to to the pet store and buy some supplies. That's right there was a big hint in the previous post when I mentioned the dog journal. We have a little furry addition to our family and here she is. She's going to keep us on our toes for sure. 

It's been eleven months since we lost our Annie and our hearts were broken and having only seen hospital staff for nearly a year we felt it was time to enrich our lives. Like us this young pup won't be going out until she's had her second jab and these next few weeks will be interesting to say the least. We're looking forward to some fun times ahead with her.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Jigsaws and journal

The temperature is in double figures this week and it has been nice to see some sunshine. We went for a short drive yesterday, went for a short walk then sat in the car and ate fish and chips. It seems such a long time since we were able to do that what with shielding for almost a year although we are still being ultra careful. Last time we had fish chips in the car we had Annie with us and  treated her to a jumbo sausage, nice memory. Lockdown means we couldn't eat inside a cafe or restaurant now even if we wanted to.

I've also been to hospital this week, spoken with my doctor and reassured about something that has been troubling me. They took my blood in readiness for an infusion next week, the one that was postponed due to me needing dental treatment. I hadn't realised I'll need to have an infusion every six months for the next three years so my treatment is still ongoing.

Also next week hubby will go for his Covid jab although he will have his done at our GP's surgery not at the place I went to so that's some good news. He' s still keeping busy completing jigsaw puzzles and I only managed to place a few pieces in the last one before he took over.

This is hubby's next project, a jigsaw with a What If solution and we have no idea what to expect from it but he loves these kind of challenges. A shame he won't win a £1 million for completing it :)

I was looking through my bedside cabinet a couple of weeks ago and discovered an unused Moleskine Dog Journal that was bought for me as a gift by my daughter quite a few years ago. I can't tell you how much I'm longing to use it and I will one day soon I know,  all being well.


 YouTube video

Sunday, 7 February 2021


Don't faint but two blog posts in two days! :-) I had a phone call yesterday inviting me to go for my Covid vaccination today and I gratefully accepted. Although hubby is in the same age group as I am there was no persuading them to allow him to have his vaccination at the same time, nope no queue jumping allowed. I was the chosen one as I was put in the shielding group while I was having chemotherapy and my immune system was suppressed. Hubby will just have to wait his turn.

We had to go to Llandudno for the jab and as we had arrived far too early we bought takeaway coffees to drink in the car. You may have heard about the goats taking over the town early last year during the first lockdown, well I spotted two in the churchyard close to the cafe but they weren't too keen on having their photo taken and kept running away from me so this photo is the best I could do.

On the promenade in front of the rainbow hospital is a nice sculpture of a goat but the seagulls don't seem to approve and have used it for target practice.

The whole thing is done with military precision, army personnel and volunteers herding a big queue of people along. I had a very nice nurse give me my jab and the clerk checking my particulars was none other than our nephew so hubby had a nice chat while he was waiting for me. I'll have my second dose in about eleven weeks time.


It was such a bitterly cold, grey day we were glad to get home but it was also nice to have had a day out of the house and a change of scenery.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

February already

It's about time I wrote a blog post as I can see I only managed one solitary post in January. I've been relaxing and recuperating as it's only been three months since the end of all my cancer treatments and I've been told it can take several months to fully recover which I can go along with. Hopefully I only have one more visit to hospital for an infusion that was postponed.  I can't believe it's almost twelve months since I found the lump and given the devastating diagnosis but I have been treated extremely well when back in March last year I wasn't even sure my treatments would go ahead due to the pandemic and pressure on hospital services. I count myself as extremely fortunate and a survivor. My hair is growing back, it's about half an inch long now but sadly no curls.

I've not been up to much mostly watching mindless television programmes and doing Sudoku puzzles. I did watch a cookery show and decided I could easily manage to make a compost crumble not that I have a compost heap or let much fruit go to waste. I can confirm it is absolutely delicious, you don't even have to peel the fruit apart the banana of course and just remove the pips and stones. I did leave out the nuts and seeds from the crumble topping preferring plain and simple.

                                       The fruit bowl with apples, pears, nectarines and bananas.

 I did start making the outside edge of this puppies jigsaw and then hubby took over and I wasn't  allowed to place any more pieces. It was quite a challenge and took him most of January to complete. We actually bought the jigsaw the Christmas before last and then last year we didn't have the heart to make it. Anyway this a New Year and a new beginning and as we are still in lockdown we intend to plough on and make our way through a stack of jigsaws yet to be made,


The jigsaw below is one hubby completed just before Christmas and he found this one to be quite challenging although how he makes these Wasgijs when the actual jigsaw doesn't match the picture on the box is beyond me and I leave him to it with no interference from me.

Next on the to make list is more to my liking and I wonder if I will be allowed to help with this one, I can but hope.

Last week

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