Sunday, 10 January 2021

I didn't know I needed....

That's the first week of the New Year done and time for a blog update although I've not done very much or been anywhere interesting. The antibiotics I collected on New Year's Eve have worked their magic and I am more comfortable now and feel like I'm finally getting my strength back.

I had to visit the dentist last week for a scale and polish and unlike the recent NHS treatment I'd had for my broken tooth and an extraction I didn't know I needed, this was private treatment and the cost was eye watering. Now that the dental work is out of the way I'll be able to have my final infusion at the cancer centre next month. What a palaver it's been, the dentist needed blood test results before she'd do the extraction, and the infusion has to be three months after any extraction has been done.

On the way home from visiting the dentist I called in the supermarket and bought a small oil filled radiator for the kitchen as it's been so cold lately with sub zero temperatures although we've only had frost here and no snow. Unbelievably the radiator was half the price of the scale and polish! My house is lovely and warm with the central heating on and we even have a radiator in the downstairs cloakroom and one in the airing cupboard yet no radiator in the kitchen where I spend marginally more time :) I'm a bit puzzled though as I thought we were unable to buy electrical goods during lockdown as they are classed as non essential items but I did buy this with no problems at the checkout. 

Another thing that has puzzled me is the strict  procedures in place at the dental surgery to keep patients and staff safe yet I didn't feel as safe while shopping in the supermarket. Unfortunately suitable slots for online grocery shopping are about ten days apart now so it's inevitable I'd need some other bits and bobs between deliveries.

The little radiator is ideal. Note I still have the dog mats down as they hide the water marks from where Annie used to slop from her water bowl. Now all I need is another dog - sigh!

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