Wednesday, 25 November 2020


We've only just started getting out and about and it was a case of having to this week as the car needed it's annual service and MOT. We had to leave the car for six hours and as the dealership we use is quite a way from home they kindly gave us a lift into town to while away the hours. It's only four weeks since my hospital treatments finished and I'm still suffering from fatigue and I had been worried about how I would cope. We asked the driver to drop us at the mobility store and we bought a walker with a seat which turned out to be a very useful purchase. All I then needed to buy was a calendar for next year and some Christmas cards. I was quite upset in the card shop, it was a busy store with no social distancing measures in place. with people standing next to each other picking up cards and replacing them and my glasses were steaming up with the heat, I couldn't get out of there quick enough. Other than that we had elevenses, lunch and an afternoon cup of hot chocolate in three different establishments. We then made our way back to the garage on the bus even though they had arranged to pick us up. We only had a short wait for the car to be ready and it passed its MOT with flying colours and no advisories.

 We have a couple more outings planned. We finally had the faulty mirror replaced and decided we'd ask for a quote to have the downstairs cloakroom refitted. That won't be a big job as it only involves tiling half way up the wall and replacement sanitary ware.  So we have arranged to go and choose some fittings and pay a deposit and we're not too fussed about when the job can be done although they did say it could possibly be done before Christmas.We're organised for Christmas anyway and it'll just be the two of us and a quiet affair. I have our Christmas week fresh food delivery booked as we have no intention of going supermarket shopping.

I have a dental appointment arranged for an extraction as I chipped a tooth on a mint imperial and that'll teach me not to crunch! I also had a video consultation with my hospital consultant and have been given the good news that I can have my long awaited eye surgery done in the New Year. So things are looking up at long last.

Here's a couple of photos I took this morning of a beautiful red rose bud on my climbing rose bush and the patio roses are still in bloom.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Growing back


I'm pleased to see my hair has started to grow back. I've just looked back through the blog and can't believe it's almost six months since I shaved off my hair as I knew I was about to lose it all anyway. I even lost my eyebrows and eyelashes and I certainly didn't shave those off. I have not been keen to wear the wig I bought much preferring my turban style hats to cover up. I'm not sure I can embrace my baldness especially when it comes to going out whenever that may be.

I didn't know I had that rash on the back of my neck but no matter.  I'll be back to my old self in no time. Just wondering if my hair will grow back curly, I do hope so as I have always had straight hair. Some ladies on the ward told me it can grow back curly. I remember the days when I used to have to pay to have a perm. We'll see.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Thank you

 Just a quick blog post to say thank you to my lovely blogging friends for emails that I wasn't up to replying to, all of you concerned for my well being.

I'm pleased to report that my  hospital treatments are over and done with now despite my falling ill during the course. I'm still not one hundred percent fit but I'm getting better.

I actually felt up to doing a little housework yesterday which is a big milestone for me after weeks and weeks of neglecting it but housework was not important in the grand scheme of things.

 I haven't been out into the garden much either and was surprised today to see how many roses and buds are still on this one rose bush. I was really pleased to receive an insect hotel as a gift from my daughter, hubby has placed it on the side of the shed near to the plants in the raised bed. He hasn't been well himself so another sign he is feeling better too.

I hope to get back to reading and leaving comments on your blogs soon, all is well here.

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