Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Remembering Annie

Today would have been Annie's 13th Gotcha Day and this is the story of how she came into our lives.

It was March 2007 and we'd taken a donation to our local animal shelter and I'd promised myself to drop off the cheque and not look at dogs needing re-homing but of course I did look at them. There was a little Patterdale terrier that caught my eye  but we weren't considering having another dog at that particular time and we returned home. Over the next couple of weeks I couldn't stop thinking about that little dog and convinced myself our dog Amber needed a companion. By the time I phoned to enquire about that little dog I was too late as he had already been re-homed.

It was love at first sight - little orphan Annie

I was a member of a dog rescue forum which was closely linked to the greyhound rescue that my daughter and son-in-law were actively involved with. It was on that forum that I spotted Annie. She was being fostered in Essex. We didn't know anything about her background except that she needed some tender loving care. The rescue arranged a home check which we waited an anxious couple of weeks  for and during that time there was plenty of other interest being shown in offering Annie a home. Having been deemed suitable adopters, a  request for a transport run was made to get Annie here to us. Unfortunately there was only one volunteer to take Annie just over forty miles on the first leg of the journey and son-in-law kindly volunteered to make the two hundred and eighty mile round trip to collect her. We will be eternally grateful to our son-in-law for making that journey.  I had no choice but to work that day as we were stocktaking, so after finishing work at about 6.30 p.m. on Saturday, 5th May 2007 husband and I together with Amber our dog travelled  to our daughter's home in the Midlands. By the time we arrived Annie had already bonded with their dog Eric.

Annie came with  a letter from her foster carer, some food and toys together with a note from the vet's surgery that had treated her informing us she weighed just 9kg and was underweight.  The letter is dated April 2007 and they'd even nominated a birth date of 1st July, 2006.

We stayed overnight with Annie sleeping in our room in our daughter's home but the following day Annie much preferred to share a sofa-bed with their dog Eric, they'd had some lovely playtime together.

The three  dogs enjoyed a walk together before our journey to what would become Annie's forever home in north Wales, I'd even treated her to a new Wales dog disc in preparation for her arrival. She sat contentedly on my knee in the front of our car while daughter, son-in-law and Eric followed in their own car.

The following day we introduced Annie to the beach, her first taste of ice cream and the thrill of racing through the sand dunes with her new best friends. She wasn't keen on the sea and seemed to be frightened of the incoming waves.

This was to be the start of her new life with us and Amber and she enjoyed many more adventures with Eric. How she'd changed from that skinny, little dog I saw online to the  gorgeous, scruffy love of our lives.

 just a few more photos

the sideways glance

this photo was taken by Eunice aka Tigermouse when we met in 2016

this photo is my computer screensaver
Annie and Amber eager for their beach walk even in the snow

what more can I say ....  she was unique!

Sleep tight Angel Annie xx

 Sadly Amber passed away in 2012, Eric in 2016 and Annie in April 2020. 

It would be nice to think they are all together again, running free.


  1. A lovely post Eileen, it's nice to read Annie's story and see some photos from her early days with you. I love the pic of the three dogs sitting waiting for a treat and the one of Annie curled up on the sofa bed - she looks so tiny bless her. It sounds like she had some wonderful times with you and she couldn't have wished for a better and more loving home. She was adorable and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her those few times x

    1. When Eric and Annie were together they looked like father and daughter :) I like to think she had a very good life with us and she certainly was a good dog in every sense of the word. We loved her so much and our home is empty without her. I'm glad you got to meet her too xx

  2. I have enjoyed this post, Eileen. It's clear to see Annie enjoyed such a wonderful life with you.
    It's funny how life changes when we 'just take a look'. X

    1. Annie certainly enriched our lives, there was never a day she didn't make us smile. Just taking a look at dogs needing homes both at the shelter then online were the best things we ever did x

  3. From Ann via Bloglovin'

    ❤️ Bless her ❤️

    1. We were blessed to have her but sadly not long enough xx

  4. What a lovely remembrance!!!! I always love a rescue dog story. Oh yes!

    Our son and family next door, have a little beagle mix, 'Lilly'..... Who was a rescue dog. It took some time, for her to completely get used to being in a loving family, with her loving "Grands," next door.

    Caps on men, make her scared... She must have been abused by a man,in a cap. -sigh- And at first, she would grab her food, and take it away to some other spot. We think, since she was so little, that she had to do this, previously. To get any food, before the bigger dogs got it. -sigh-

    But she is a happppy dogggg now! Even protects the chickens, by "getting critters," who come in the yard. She and my son, are a Protection Team! She was never trained in this, but she does what he says to do.

    So lovely to know, that you made your Annie's life a wonderful one, while she was with you.

    Gentle hugs...

    "She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
    And whispered to her neighbor:
    "Winter is dead.” "


    1. That's lovely to know that Lilly is now happy in her forever home. Annie didn't have too many hangups, hated some traffic especially trailers and certain dogs especially Border Collies but that's all. She was underweight so she may have been a stray, we don't really know. She really was a faithful, loving and much loved dog. We miss her so very much.

  5. Thanks for sharing that story Eileen, it was lovely & meant getting to know who you are just a little more. The photos are great too. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. I have remembered Annie's Gotcha Day over the years on previous blogs and needed to relate it one last time. I'm pleased you enjoyed reading her story and seeing some old photos.
      Take care, stay safe and well.

  6. It's lovely to read about Annie's story. It certainly looks like it was love at first sight for all of you, including the dogs. It's such a special thing to have these, and I bet a lot more, photos which show how much Annie settled in to the family and how she had such a good time with her extended dog family too. We're so lucky to have these very special relationships in our lives.

    1. We all loved Annie at first sight and she got on so well with our Amber and daughter and son-in-law's Eric. In fact she really loved Eric and our son-in-law, she definitely was a man's dog. Oh yes, lots of photos and so hard to choose just a few. This is the first time in about forty years that we haven't had a dog in our home and it hurts. You're right, it is a very special relationship.

  7. Oh my, how did I miss this? Eileen I’m so sorry . . . I don’t think I have ever read Annie’s full story although you have told me much of it before. Only 9kg? That’s criminal. Annie certainly had an angel looking out for her to ensure you came along and gave her the most wonderful life. XX. ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

    1. Yes, she was fully grown too and only 9kg, her healthy weight was 15 kg. There was plenty of interest in giving her a home and she must have been meant to be our special girl and I'm certain she did have a wonderful life with us. I'm glad you saw this post and her early photos Jayne. I know you understand how much the loss hurts xx


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