Friday, 22 May 2020

In the garden and my bargain buy

It's blowing a gale here today and the wind is battering the plants I put in yesterday. I'd been to the local garden centre and was pleased to see they are being very careful with their social distancing measures in place, much better than the place we'd visited the day before.

On returning home with the plants I chatted to a neighbour from across the road. She knows about my health condition and asked how I was. I explained that I will start my treatment very soon and it's going to be a lengthy process. I think we'll be writing off the rest of this year as we'll be shielding at home even if lockdown measures are eased. I was thrilled when later in the afternoon she rang our doorbell and left a bouquet of flowers to cheer me me up, so very nice of her to do that and much appreciated.

I'll add some photos of what I bought and planted yesterday, photos taken in the strong wind today.  I bought this wind chime to hang in the tree but it's too windy to put it up today! I've photographed the box from this side as my daughter likes dogs and most things German :)

I am no gardener so I don't know much about plants so it's fingers crossed and hope for the best. 

Three Pinks, two in a tub and one in my camper van planter

In the raised bed a Salvia and a Genista. I had to point out an anomaly to the sales assistant, the Genista was £7.99 each or 2 for £35 - so I only bought one :)

and last but not least a Red Hot Poker Primula

So that's my lot in the garden and leaving the house and hopefully I will be able to sit outside and enjoy the summer months. Now if only this gale force wind would drop!


  1. Very sweet gesture...

    Ohhh prettty...

    We haven't gotten any flowers yet, as our temps can get cold, till after next weekend. It's just been the way, we have always done it. But of course, that may well not be so this year. And the new people, behind us, are planting "up a storm".

    I'm sure you will enjoy what you have done, all summer long!!!!

    Open up, please.
    In my country.
    With masks/distancing.
    Compromised people
    Stay home!

    1. It was a nice thing for my neighbour to do for me.
      I understand the rules wisps but having stayed at home for the last nine weeks apart from hospital visits and the prospect of maybe six or more months of treatment when it will be too risky for me to leave the house, I needed to get out but only to do what is permitted and I was taking great care. We aren't rule breakers but life is so hard. I never intended to blog about my cancer journey but trust me when I say it's not going to be easy for me, I'm fortunate to be having treatment at all. My family don't even live near and this is breaking my heart not being able to see them. We don't even have anyone to help us so I've had to do what I have to do.

  2. What a lovely gesture from your neighbour, the bouquet is beautiful. I can imagine your new windchime looks quite cute 'in the flesh' :) The price of the Genista is obviously a misprint one way or another, at £17.99 each the price for two would make sense, in which case you got a bargain with that one - did the assistant say what it should have been?

    1. A totally unexpected gift from a lovely lady and it was such a nice thing for her to do to keep my spirits up. The windchime is really nice and I'll take a photo when it's hanging from a tree branch, just far too windy today. I think the price of the Genista would have been £7.99 as thats what it scanned for so I expect it should have been 2 for £15. I don't think the salesgirl had any clue as she just scanned everything but I did draw her attention to it.

  3. What a lovely surprise bouquet of flowers. Wonder if they came from her garden? Your garden should be looking quite lovely as summer comes in. I do like dianthus too & have a couple in the garden here, but I've never been able to find those sort of primulas here in Oz. Hope the wind abates before the weekend. Stay safe, take care & huggles.

    1. It certainly was a lovely surprise and a beautiful thing for my neighbour to do for me. The flowers had been bought, were wrapped and with a sachet of liquid flower food so I should be able to enjoy them for a couple of weeks. The wind has died down overnight but never let up all day yesterday, it was very rough.
      Take care, stay safe x

  4. From Ann via Bloglovin'

    How lovely of your neighbour to get you flowers. Something about seeing happy flowers....and you did well at the garden centre. We aren't gardeners either, plants get a 50/50 chance with us ๐Ÿคฃ. Those high winds, we have too, the waves are creating loads of foam and surfers, even advanced ones, are being advised not to attempt going in. We took a walk this afternoon, wave watching from a distance, it was really very dramatic.

    1. Our neighbour is such a nice lady, her flowers are beautiful and won't fail to cheer me up, the middle flower is a big smiling sunflower which I love :) We haven't done too badly with what we have planted in the garden, it is pot luck with us too.
      When we went out in the car we could see that our beach car park had been blocked off so that's a good thing to deter visitors. I can well imagine how rough the sea was yesterday. I hope the surfers who do go into the sea are safe and I'm sure some will do against advice!

  5. It was very kind of your neighbour to leave you the flowers. What a thoughtful gesture.
    Your plants look lovely, and I have the same take on gardening as you have - hope for the best :) It was very windy here yesterday, so I quickly tied the sunflowers to some canes and wrapped a support around the sweet peas.
    Even though you need to stay safe at home this summer, I'm sure you will get a lot of pleasure from your garden. X

    1. It was nice of my neighbour and the flowers were such a surprise. So rough here yesterday but the new plants seem to have survived, I hope yours do too. It'll be nice to sit outside in the sunshine and simply enjoy the garden, especially as I won't be wandering anywhere apart from having hospital treatment :(


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