Thursday, 19 March 2020

A good hug

I had two hospital appointments scheduled for today but the one at the eye clinic was cancelled at short notice. I'd been referred to another specialist prior to surgery but I fully understand the reason for the cancellation due to the coronanvirus crisis.

My other hospital appointment was more urgent. I met someone I'd known for a long time who'd also been recalled for more tests. She wanted to give me a hug but said she couldn't but we hugged anyway.

On the way home hubby and I stopped for coffee and cake and the cafe which is usually crowded was empty bar for one man sitting on the upper level.

 Hubby and I are in self-isolation. We have enough food and toilet rolls to keep us going for a while.


  1. I would give you a hug myself but I'm too far away so here's a long distance one {{{hug}}}

    1. You've just made me cry. I gratefully accept your virtual (((hug))). Thank you so much.

  2. We need a new Emoji. There’s never been a decent “hug” one.
    💕 🐾 💐

    1. What's the world coming to when we can't hug or touch anymore :(
      I like virtual hugs now, these are OK (((hug))) :-)


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