Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Eye unit

Just because I'm treating this new blog as a diary, here's a photo taken at the eye hospital today. It was a lovely fine day for a change. I went for latte and an eccles cake in the League of Friends cafe before my appointment. I went and had a stiff drink in a pub in the nearby town afterwards.

Now waiting for more follow-up appointments.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Pancake day

I'd forgotten all about it being Shrove Tuesday today until hubby reminded me. He likes pancakes as do I but I'm not too keen on making them, I always seem to set the smoke alarm off and I don't want to do that startle Annie. So I decided on the lazy woman's way and called in Aldi to buy some ready made ones, just heat them in the oven. We'll have sweet ones as I prefer them to savoury pancakes.

We have our shopping delivered to our home normally so I don't go into Aldi very often. It's the sort of store where you go in and buy things you didn't know you wanted or needed :) They had some sort of pet event on with a large selection of different sized dog beds. We'd already bought a new dog bed in January, one that can be wiped down if your dog has an accident which seemed like a good idea at the time as Annie is on water tablets. She doesn't have any accidents but what does happen is she wakes us in the middle of the night turning around in circles and doing what I call her disco dancing to get comfortable. Even though she has a blanket on top of that bed it crunches and makes an awful din and we end up having disturbed sleep. I've bought her a large, comfy bed today and it already has her seal of approval when I put it on the back seat of the car. Here's hoping for a peaceful night's sleep for us and Annie.

Monday, 24 February 2020

A family's tale

Today I've sent off hubby's third attempt at a DNA test. 
I'm really hoping for a positive result this time.

I spent some of the the weekend adding to my family tree and unbeknown to my daughter I've  been looking at my son-in-law's family and I hope they don't mind. Daughter and son-in-law live in the Potteries in central England, home of the pottery industry. I came across a fascinating story which has been shared on the research site by my son-in-law's cousins in the USA and I will share the story here.

My son-in-law's great-grandfather William was born in 1890 and by the age of ten years old he was living with his two older brothers and 2nd great aunt and her husband who were all workers in the pottery industry. The brothers remained in the household until they were in their twenties. Son-in-law's great grandfather married in 1911 and remained in Staffordshire and raised his family. William's brother-in-law Robert emigrated firstly to Canada and then later moved to the USA.

So, Robert who was my son-in-law's 2nd great uncle was born in 1886. Robert's father was also a potter making sanitary ware and by the age of fourteen young Robert was also working in the pottery industry. Robert married in 1907 and by then he was a skilled potter making porcelain bathroom fixtures, which at the time took a very skilled potter to make the porcelain connections correctly. Robert emigrated to Canada  ahead of his wife and later moved to the United States to work in a pottery factory and when settled  he sent for his wife and two young sons.

Robert's wife had booked passage on the Titanic for their move to the United States in April 1912 but was unable to make the trip due to dental problems she had. She later sailed on The RMS Teutonic in 1914 a steamship also built for the White Star Line. The joke in the descendant's family has been that she had saved the family by the skin of her teeth. This story was confirmed in a newspaper article posted to the family's website by one of their English relatives. The article was about Robert's wife who on returning to England to visit her sister during the 1940's had mentioned the story about the Titanic.

Sadly Robert had died from cancer in 1918 at at the young age of thirty two leaving behind his widow and four young sons, his wife being pregnant at the time carrying their fifth son . I was really moved by his obituary although I have removed names from the piece and hope it is possible for you to read it.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

The waiting is almost over

Old habits die hard. I like to add a photo to each new blog post so these are the two apples I've taken out with me two days running to give to the horse in my previous blog post :-) Thankfully he's not been there in that very muddy, waterlogged field, so now I feel sure he must have some shelter elsewhere. I've now cut up the apples so the visiting birds to my garden can enjoy them. There seems to be no letup to this awful weather, it's been very blustery today and now raining hard like it was yesterday.  I've not been wanting to go anywhere this week apart from walk Annie preferring to stay at home in the warmth.

I must go out next week as I have to visit the hospital's ophthalmology department for a long awaited appointment, twelve months exactly I've been waiting. My optician referred me last February at my routine eye checkup and told me to return if I hadn't heard within eight weeks. So I returned only for them to confirm a referral had been made and suggested I could check for myself at the hospital which I did and I was indeed on the waiting list. In the following months I received a letter which said they were prioritising the most urgent cases first which is fair enough. I know that the NHS has trouble keeping up with demand and waiting times are long. My right eye is much worse now than it was twelve months ago when I was told I would need surgery. So it is with huge relief that I will finally be seen next week.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

No escaping this rain

I read on the news website this morning that we can expect a month's worth of rain in  twenty four hours here in north Wales. It's pouring down right now so I'm waiting until it clears up before I take Annie for her walk. I can hear the rain thundering on the conservatory roof.

Yesterday I didn't walk far from home as it was spitting with rain when we set out, and it's not worth getting soaked and Annie walks so slowly I don't want to overexert her. I took a different route just around the houses and there's a small piece of land with a lonesome horse so I stopped to talk to him. I felt so sorry for him standing forlornly at the fence.

Looking back I saw the state of the land and it will only get worse with even more rain. If it clears up this afternoon I will go and see him and take a couple of apples with me.

 I saw on the news programme a homeowner whose little dog didn't survive when the water rushed into her home in south Wales. I think about all the animals in the fields suffering and it makes me want to cry.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Different day, different park

Today it's fine, cold but very windy. Took Annie to a different park and at first the walk seemed promising with pretty daffodils in bloom even though behind the trees the ground was waterlogged.

We soon found the path impassible and turned back rather than walk on the muddy grass.

Despite  having to cut short our walk I did zoom in for a quick photo of the castle before heading home

Feeding the birds on the lake will have to wait another day

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Rain, rain go away

This weekend's storm hasn't been nearly as bad here as we had feared. Watching the lunch time news channel it seems that south Wales has suffered badly from flooding and landslides.  During last weekend's storm the rain came in through our conservatory roof no doubt due to the rain being blown horizontally by the very strong winds. Not so this weekend but I didn't take Annie for a walk yesterday due to the heavy rain. I took her round to the park this morning and we had a little paddle and I took a few photos. Back home now and it's raining again :(

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Second childhood

During my eight month long blogging break last year we endured what I call our sofa saga. We'd ordered two power leather reclining sofas at a not inconsiderable cost. They took fourteen weeks to arrive which we later discovered was because they came on a slow boat from China. The sofas arrived with damage which was unacceptable and I reported this the following day along with photographs. The delivery men had been aware of the damage and couldn't get away quick enough. It took an almost four month long battle to have the sofas removed from our home and our money refunded.  Not only damage but we later realised the sofas were poor quality leather and uncomfortable to sit on so it was a definite good riddance to them. I'm always willing to fight for my rights and this was another battle won.

We'd donated our rather nice coffee table to charity to make way for the reclining sofas arrival. Once the sofas had gone we needed replacement sofas sharpish and we now like what we chose, not recliners this time but I missed my coffee table and not being able to put my feet up.

I don't go into town very often these days but over the last few months I had walked past a furniture store a couple of times and seen a variety of animal shaped storage footstools in the window. Out of them all I liked the hippo the best. So the other day I thought why not and  now I can put my feet up and have somewhere to store my Ipad. My coffee cup sits on the smallest of our nest of tables at the side of my two seater sofa...... meet Harriet :-)

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

More fails

 I had a feeling this was about to happen, hubby's second DNA test has also failed. We can only think it's due to all the medication he takes, it could be a factor but who knows. He takes thirteen tablets per day and a weekly injection into his tummy. I did supervise him producing his saliva straight after getting up in a morning and before him eating and drinking, then filling the test tube up to the line. Let's hope it'll be third time lucky.

I have a fail of my own to own up to. I was tempted to buy these new flavour yogurts the other day. I tried one of the pink gin and elderflower yogurts today and let's just say I won't be buying them again. I'm not sure I'll be able to eat the other two so hopefully the gin and tonic flavour will be nicer although I doubt it somehow. I can't imagine who thought adding an alcoholic flavour to a milky yogurt would be a good idea anyway :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2020


My friend Eunice sadly lost her little dog Sophie yesterday. R.I.P. little one.

The photo was taken in 2016 when we first met Eunice, Sophie and Poppie here in Wales. 
 Sophie is her little dog in the centre, little Poppie to her right and our Annie to her left.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Stormy weather

I didn't dare venture out with Annie yesterday.  Storm Ciara hit North Wales quite badly with heavy rain and very strong winds. We only suffered a raining in through the conservatory roof which wet Annie's bed but no other damage and we didn't lose power.

Instead I tidied up under the stairs where I keep my ironing board, coats and shoes and decided I need to buy another shoe rack or two and couldn't bring myself to actually throw out any shoes. While I was browsing online I decided to list a few of hubby's completed jigsaws and was surprised that two had bids almost immediately so now need to go out and buy some brown paper and tape.

I should receive hubby's DNA results soon although this is where the graph stalled last time when they were unable to extract his DNA from his first test. Fingers crossed this one will be successful and give me something else to keep myself busy.

Saturday, 8 February 2020


We don't have any grandchildren but you would think so if you saw our box room and assorted collections of soft toys. I feel better now I've made a start on decluttering and believe me this photo shows a big improvement on how it was just a couple of days ago. I will admit that a few soft toys have since made their way back to that chair. Some are out of sight and will be out of mind... it's so handy having under bed storage space. I have plenty of quality goods to take to  the animal rescue shop and a few I may attempt to sell online. The three on the bed hold special memories of times gone by.

I'd like my daughter to know there's not a meerkat in sight but she may still need a skip at some point in the future :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Daytime television

I've just been reading an email from a friend who mentioned their poorly dog was quietly enjoying watching daytime television. Annie is just the same, she likes to lie in the conservatory in the afternoons but is not totally enthralled with a recorded programme about motorway madness :)

Monday, 3 February 2020

The beach tree

This morning I took Annie the short walk up the dunes' path to the promenade. She wanted to go one way and I wanted to go the other, stubbornness is one of the quirks of her personality.

 Me:     We're walking this way Annie.
Annie:  No, I want to go the other way.
Me:      Well there seems to be a tree on the beach and I want to take a photo for the blog.
Annie:  OK but don't expect me to walk across those pebbles with you.
Me:      What are you going to do?
Annie:  I'm going to walk along the sea wall.
Me:      You're back to your old self then aren't you?
Annie:  Yep, I'm feeling great today :)

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