Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Photos from my past

I've been intending to scan some photographs to add to the family history site and today is a good day to do it while the workmen are here. I've started with some of myself  that my late mother had in her collection and some are really cringeworthy :)

This one was taken on a school trip to London when I was eleven years old and in the last year at primary school. It was the only school trip I ever went on. I remember that we were taken on a Thames river cruise and I imagine my teacher took this photograph.

Now for the cringeworthy,  I've called this one my model look and have no idea why I'd be posing like that considering how introverted I am now :) The photo was taken outside my grandmother's house with Dad's Ford Anglia. I would have been about eighteen years old at the time and had passed my driving test. I drove my parents car from north Wales to Manchester quite a few times, Dad's eyesight was failing and he'd been keen for me to learn to drive. I've definitely inherited my Dad's poor eyesight but hope I'm still legal to drive as I'm certain my Dad wasn't at that time.

Oh dear. I've called this next one my Deirdre look. I used to have my hair permed, that is until the time I was stopped in the High Street and asked if I was Deirdre from Coronation Street :)

The real Deirdre perm - Internet photo

Now I must get on and scan those photos of my family members, aunts and uncles long gone.


  1. Oh, the days of ballet-style shoes and little white socks with lacy tops - I remember them well, although I only wore socks like that when I was quite young, by the time I was 11 I had 'proper' socks :-)

    I like the model look - dated now maybe but you look quite stylish there :-)

    Maybe you lost your vocation with the third one, you could have made a fortune as a Deidre look-alike lol. Oddly enough, in the 90s I did a professional photo shoot and one of the pictures is framed and on the living room wall, one workman who came in not long after I put it there said I looked like Liz Macdonald as (she looked at the time) though I was quick to point out I was better looking than she was! My friend Lin says I look like the actress Barbara Stanwyck but I have to disagree with that one.

    Where would we be without photo memories from the past - you've given me an idea for a (very) future blog post, I'll have to start digging in the cupboards :-)

    1. Haha, I'm less bothered about the socks, more bothered by the haircut my mother saddled me with :)

      I must have thought I looked stylish back then but hubby laughed when he saw that photo :)

      I was mortified to be mistaken for Deirdre and soon stopped having my hair permed. I can actually see you as a Liz Macdonald looky likey but not Barbara Stanwyck I'm afraid and you can tell Lin I said so if you want :)

      You really must dig out some old photos for your blog, I'll look forward to seeing those :)

    2. I know what you mean about the hair cut in the first photo, I had similar and hated it, couldn't wait to get rid of it when I was allowed to in my early teens.

    3. Probably what they called the pudding-basin haircut :)


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