Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Starting over

This  is the beginning of a new blog for a New Year.

I fell out of love with blogging last April but this new blog will be different, public not private although comments will be moderated.

I've always written a review of my year so what happened in 2019?

Well, there was our sofa saga as I called it, waited for months to have two lovely leather recliners delivered only to receive damaged sofas, shipped from China and not at all what we had hoped for. Long battle to have them removed and our money refunded but I battled on and did it. Replaced them with sofas at half the price which we're happy with and we used the remaining money to have a new large curved TV installed instead.

My new dentist gave me the most awful worry but which turned out to be nothing at all. Lesion gone and so has that dentist thank goodness.

Optician referred me to the eye hospital as I need surgery on my right eye and may also have cataracts removed at the same time. Still waiting to hear but accepting there is a long waiting list.

 Of course 2019 was dominated by the whole damn Brexit business. As daughter and I were on opposite sides of the remain / leave fence we had a disagreement and she unfriended me from Facebook. I don't post on there,  just follow my family's posts and thankfully daughter and I are friends again so long as we don't mention the B word.

Not having  had a holiday this year we decided to have a new bathroom fitted instead. We're pleased with it and it was very reasonably priced so we're going to have a new shower fitted in the en-suite room next month. I don't like the disruption but the end results are worth it.

I've been busy building my family tree and discovering distant cousins, it's such a fascinating pastime. Too much time spent online hurts my eyes so if I'm to carry on blogging it may be little and often or just a little at a time, who knows.

Last but not least we were aware our little dog Annie had health problems and she is now being treated for congestive heart failure but is doing really well on her medication. She'll be fourteen years old soon. We took her to the pet store yesterday to buy her a new dog bed and it was a joy to see her still interested in the instore guinea pigs. She's not ready to leave us just yet.

I asked my blogging friend Ann if she'd do a custom painting of our Annie and we are so pleased with the result. The original photo Ann worked from was taken in the park when Annie was anticipating us throwing the ball ready for her to chase, happy days.

 So to my former blogging friends I wish you  all a happy and healthy New Year.
Be assured I still follow your blogs.


  1. Tigermouse has left a new comment on your post "Starting over":

    How lovely that you've started a new blog, I really missed reading your old one.

    'Lesion gone and so has the dentist' - that made me laugh, I hope you didn't commit murder in his surgery! lol

    How sweet that Annie was interested in the pet store's guinea pigs, I'm glad to know that she's doing well on the medication and I hope she got some nice treats for Christmas.

    I've wondered if you were still doing your family tree and how you were getting on - it must be fascinating to discover distant cousins and other relatives.

    Blogging a little at a time sounds good - I hope you have a lovely New Year and I'm already looking forward to reading another post :-)

    1. I accidentally deleted the above comment from Tigermouse but have been able to copy it from my email notification. I need to get used to blogging all over again. Anyway my reply went something like this:

      I'm pleased that you're pleased I'm blogging again.

      As for the dentist I can't claim the credit for her demise :) She did a clean and polish and by the time of my next checkup she'd been replaced by yet another new dentist.

      Annie did well for treats at Christmas and her new bed gets her seal of approval.

      My family tree is certainly branching out. Even my sister-in-law has me searching for her ancestors but that's more difficult not knowing her roots.

      I really hope I can keep this blog going. I have another post in the pipeline so watch this space :) Happy New Year to you too Tigermouse x


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