Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Wet weekend

It's finally stopped raining after the typical Bank Holiday weather, it's been so very wet and windy. Our garden is covered in the blossom blown from our neighbour's tree just the other side of the fence, I'm not complaining but it's a shame as the tree was looking lovely. I could do with buying more plants for the raised bed but will leave it this year as a certain Miss Tilly likes to trample in there as well as jumping into the flower tubs.

I've had to remove the foam insulation covering the pipes from the boiler as it was like a magnet to her. She's now tall enough to nibble the end so I will need to take some more off. The joys of having a pup that is into all sorts of mischief.

I was warned to be careful taking Tilly for a walk at the weekend as travellers had set up camp on the nearby industrial estate after having been moved on from school playing fields. Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know that every spring and summer we have a problem with them here and at one time they pitched up in our street and smashed  car windscreens.

I should have known better at Bank Holiday time but we decided to take Tilly for a short drive in the car on Sunday and visit the big park where she could have a good run on the long lead. The weather was quite warm so I didn't need to wear a coat but as soon as we arrived at the park it started to rain and as it was coming down quite heavily our walk was quickly abandoned. It then took well over an hour to travel the few miles back home and I couldn't believe it but it started to hailstone while we were moving very slowly in the queue of traffic. We hadn't expected it to be as busy as it was especially this year with some restrictions still in place  but it looked like the caravan parks were very busy. Lots of people sat outside pubs and cafes even in the rain. 

Bank Holiday Monday the weather was so wild we didn't even venture out of the house. Seems like the worst of the bad weather is now over, just typical for those having that long awaited break away just for the weekend.

Thursday, 29 April 2021


Tilly has been to the groomers today and is now back at home. When we went to collect her we could hear her yapping and they said it was because she didn't like waiting in the crate. We actually thought they were bringing out the wrong dog as she looked so different. She was like a big ball of fluff  and she smells divine following her beauty treatments.

Since being back home she's had a drink and a bite to eat and played in the garden so she's not looking quite as pristine as when we collected her but  here are some photos I promised to post.


Sunday, 25 April 2021


The weather was glorious last week and it really feels like summer has arrived. The other day Tilly had her very first beach run on the extending lead and  we practically had the beach all to ourselves. I'm not confident enough to let her off lead yet as I worry she'd run off and I wouldn't be able to catch her.


I really must start using my bridge camera instead of my old point and shoot camera which I carry in  pocket or bag when I'm out and about. Here are a couple taken of Tilly at home sunbathing in the mole garden.

Having viewed this one with her scruffy face and overgrown poodle fur, today I'm going to go and make  an appointment at the grroming parlour. I just hope she'll be good for them for her very first cut and blow dry. Anxious mother here :-)

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Ups and downs

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks what with appointments at the dentist, the eye clinic and the general hospital. We also spent a very pleasant afternoon with hubby's brother and his wife sat out in their garden in the lovely warm sunshine and as brother-in-law had not long come out of hospital having a pacemaker fitted it was a good visit especially as we hadn't seen them in over a year. It was late when we arrived home so we called at the takeaway for food and the wait was horrendous. We discovered it's best to phone through an order as those who'd come to collect their food came and went while I was queuing for about forty minutes with people who didn't socially distance themselves and one lad who decided it was a good idea to lean on our car.

We've almost given up on the tiler returning to tile the top half of the cloakroom so we'll give him until this weekend and then revert to plan A and I'll paint the top half a pale grey colour as we'd originally intended. Talking of workmen we have had more trouble at the mill with the owners of the house next door. The tenants are lovely people but thinking the boundary issue of three years ago was all done and dusted which  it is legally they've decided to ride rough shod over us once again and we don't know what's going to happen next. At least Tilly discovered her bark and we know we have a good little guard dog in the making.

I've taken Tilly to the harbour a few times and met up with a friend who'd also lost her dog since the last time we'd met. Our friend was there waking her neighbour's dog and it was good to have a good long chat with her. I'll end with a few photos of Tilly in the boat so you can see that she is growing up fast. It's always busy at the harbour now and it's lovely to be able to sit out in the sunshine with a takeaway coffee and they even supply nautical themed dog biscuits :)

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Learning and freebies

I've been staying local for Tilly's walks even though we're free to travel anywhere within Wales and the restrictions for easing us out of lockdown are being lifted to within the UK from tomorrow. We're still getting her used to walking nicely on a lead, traffic noise and meeting other people and dogs although she does enjoy travelling in the car..

Here's a photo of her on the sea wall and another of her looking ever so bored waiting for the food to arrive from the place where we've been buying takeaway coffees and a bite to eat in the car :) 

The shop had an interesting board outside and although I can't speak or read the Welsh language a lady kindly explained what it was all about to me.


Attached to the A-frame is a litter picker and a chute which is usually full of bags so that anyone is free to pick up any discarded litter and place it into a bag and then  into a nearby bin to keep the promenade and beach clean. Such a good idea although we always put our litter in the bin or take it home with us but then unfortunately not everyone is so considerate.

Now here is something you don't see every day.


I photographed and claimed the two key rings which I propped up although one has no split ring and the other one has a ring that looks a bit rusty but hubby says is going to replace them for me and I have an idea who I can give them to.

Taken from the promenade are a couple of zoomed in photos of the offshore wind farm and the castle you may recognise from the celebrity programme on TV last year.

Today I took Tilly to the park and tried to get  her interested in chasing a tennis ball but she was more interested in the extending dog lead which was the first time of using as I daren't let her run loose yet for fear of not being able to catch her. She was keen to attack the actual ball-thrower or simply picking up loose clumps of grass. Many, many new things for her yet to learn.

Friday, 2 April 2021

Good Friday

I was rather glad the workmen were busy in our home yesterday as I didn't want to go out, not even to walk Tilly as it was the first anniversary of losing our Annie. The workmen finished the refit in the cloakroom apart from fitting a towel ring as they'd brought a towel rail by mistake and that was far too long and so that will be finished off tomorrow. Now though we have had a change of plan. We were going to paint the upper half of the walls a light grey colour but the plumber and tiler suggested the room would look nice tiled top to bottom and we agreed and it'll be a relief for us not to have to do the painting. So the tiler is going to return sometime in the next couple of weeks to do that for us and at a reasonable cost. It's only a very small room but it's looking so much nicer than it was.


Today the weather is gloriously sunny and I took Tilly a slightly longer walk now that she is getting used to walking on a lead. I took her down the path through the sand dunes as I haven't been there in over a year. Only one person passed us on the path and he stepped aside into the grass which was very good of him. 


So then we walked back along the promenade but I wanted Tilly to get used to walking on the sea wall  but on a short lead for now. It's much safer for her up there as the promenade is also a cycle route and you wouldn't believe how many cyclists come whizzing past us at great speed.

Back at home Tilly is enjoying a bit of sunbathing with the back door open and in a nice sunny spot in the utility room.

Time for a sleep she thinks :)
Enjoy your Easter break whatever you choose to do.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Sheep, jab, workmen and weather

What a difference a day makes as it was blowing a gale on Monday then yesterday it felt like summer had arrived. I took Tilly to see the lambs in that windy weather but instead of spring lambs in the field there was a flock of the strangest looking sheep I have ever seen. I've searched online and think they are these here.

Yesterday I was invited at short notice to go and have my second Covid jab. It was a dilemma as the workmen were arriving to do our cloakroom refit the same morning. I decided for a change I could travel there by bus while hubby stayed at home dog sitting. Having arrived well before my allotted time I had a wander round the nearby retail park but as most stores were closed that didn't take long. Just as the bus was very quiet so was the vaccination place and I was able to walk in and be jabbed and they weren't fussed that I was early. By the time I arrived back home I'd been wearing my face mask for several hours and it was not pleasant on the warmest March day in 53 years.

The nurse warned me about the side effects of the second jab and sure enough I awoke in the nighttime with a headache, chills and sore arm. I'm not feeling too bad at the moment having dosed myself up with paracetamol. I'm hoping the cloakroom refit is finished today as it is only being half tiled, new toilet, sink and radiator. I haven't taken any before photographs but I may take some after photos when the job is finished. I hope the warm weather continues so we can get out and by then I'll be feeling better and we can  enjoy this lovely warm weather.

Wet weekend

It's finally stopped raining after the typical Bank Holiday weather, it's been so very wet and windy. Our garden is covered in the b...