Sunday, 25 September 2022

Not impressed

A whole week has flown past without a blog post from me but not much has been happening. I watched the whole of the Queen's funeral on Monday on the television, it was quite spectacular and very moving. We had some days of nice weather apart from Wednesday when it rained all day. We sat out in the garden on the nice days but not on the new garden furniture as that has been stored away for next year. As you can see Tilly is not quite as impressed with having her dog bed outside and I'm sure she prefers to be sitting on the new furniture.


When Tilly claimed a footstool as her own I hadn't noticed one of the feet was missing a silver strip until I stored the furniture away but the company has been good and replaced the stool for her. I  had to wait in for delivery of a storage box which I'd ordered for all the cushions to sit in and we're all sorted now.

This week I have a couple of appointments booked and would you believe it one is for a another Covid jab. The letter says that there may be an option to have a flu jab at the same time so I'm going to go along but....I said last time would be the the last Covid jab I was having. That was just three months ago when they jabbed me in my leg and the injection site became inflamed and I became ill with side effects and had to take to my bed. So do I really need a sixth Covid jab and so soon. I found a visual reminder, the photo I posted to show how my leg looked in June post jab.

I'm happy to say my other appointment is for a scan of my arm, the painful arm I wouldn't have the Covid jab in. I don't think the offending lump has got any bigger  but my arm has become more painful and I sleep badly and I get what they call referred pain in my shoulder. I'm on a waiting list to have the thing removed so the scan will show the doctors what they're dealing with. My GP doesn't think it's anything nasty but I wish I knew why in their wisdom  they think I need a sixth Covid jab!

Saturday, 17 September 2022

I can see clearly now


I have to have an annual eye test now and I was relieved to be able to choose some new glasses this year. I won't go into all the reasons I chose not to wear the pair of glasses I bought last year as I wrote about it here so I carried on wearing the glasses I bought about six years ago and have been  really struggling with my sight needing to use a magnifying glass for reading and computer work. In the end I decided not to have surgery on my right eye as it could cause me more problems than it would cure I was told by my consultant. If that wasn't enough I have cataracts in both eyes but not bad enough to need surgery yet thank goodness. So I chose a designer pair and am really pleased with the look of them but more importantly I can see clearly now.

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Me too

I've only just seen this video of TV presenter Sarah Beeny who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. (you may have to get past the advert first). I wish I could send her a message of support and let her know I shaved my head too before my hair fell out during chemotherapy. She's said 'there is no chance it won't be okay' after her cancer diagnosis and I'd love to be able to tell her it will be okay. I'm writing this post because we have another thing in common, she has a cute little black dog that she's cuddling it in the video, it's a Tilly lookalike. I won't post a photo of Tilly as you know what she looks like by now :) There's also an excellent article here worth a read... she's showing off her new wig.

I'm re-posting some photos of me from a whole two years ago just as a reminder she can get through this, stay strong Sarah.

June 2020
July 2020

My wig July 2020

Growing back - November 2020

 and Tilly.... just because -:)

and I still haven't had my hair cut, it's shoulder length now.

Monday, 12 September 2022

Best seat in the garden

Our new garden furniture was delivered on Saturday morning and we configured the pieces how we wanted them. The set comprises two corner chairs, two middle chairs, two footstools and a coffee table.  We could have made the sofa into a three or four seater but decided the two seater sofa would be perfect for hubby and Tilly and I could have one chair. Without the cushions in place the footstools slide under the coffee table and the middle chairs slide under the corner chairs for storage, it's all very cleverly designed and neat.

There was one problem though and that was an excited Tilly. She came running out of the house and leapt on to the coffee table then launched herself onto the sofa, it's a good job the coffee table has toughened glass as my heart was in my mouth. I quickly made the decision that I needed to go and buy some table ware as a deterrent so I bought some place mats and coasters, a wooden tray and two bowls. I was fortunate that the supermarket had a homeware sale on and all the pieces were discounted apart from the wooden tray, I think they look nice and bright and just the job. The weather was glorious so we ate lunch outside and sat for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine. Tilly had other ideas about where she wanted to sit and then discovered she could lie underneath the coffee table out of the sun and that was a perfect solution. Sadly I'm going to have to abandon my plans for a garden swing as I think it would be an accident waiting to happen where Tilly is concerned.

Sadly it was a different story yesterday, it started to rain so the garden furniture set was put away in the shed, the cushions in the conservatory and it rained heavily all afternoon. I have a cover on order for the furniture and a storage box for the cushions so all will be sorted this week.

Instead I watched the television coverage of the journey of the Queen’s coffin as it made it's way to Edinburgh where she will lay in rest before making her final journey and her state funeral next Monday.  My own mother was just three months older than the Queen and if she had lived as long a life as the Queen she would have been very sad at her passing and I'm sad too, it's the end of an era.

Friday, 2 September 2022

Garden space

The weather is simply gorgeous just like summer should be. It was so nice to be outside in the garden yesterday afternoon, in our more spacious garden now the bush has gone and the horrid garden slabs have been replaced. I put our planters back in place, tidied up the few plants we have and watered them. Tilly got absolutely soaked jumping in the stream of water, she likes nothing better than getting wet through and then being dried with a big fluffy towel. Then she had a whale of a time running round the garden playing with a ball and letting the sun finish the drying process then it was time for a rest in the shade. 

Next on the agenda will be replacing that old patio table and chairs and measuring up for what else can go in our new free space.


Wednesday, 31 August 2022

A dear do

Our garden makeover is all finished now. Knowing the workmen would be here all day yesterday I was up and out early with Tilly to keep her out of the way. We caught two buses and went to Rhos on Sea just me and the dog leaving hubby at home in case the workman needed anything. She was as good as gold on the journeys there and back lying quietly across my knees. The buses were not as busy as they had been just a fortnight ago when I went to the hospital for my six-monthly infusion, that return journey was a nightmare with so many holidaymakers packed onto the bus.

It was a hot day yesterday and all we did on arrival was for me to have a coffee in a dog-friendly cafe and a visit to the pet shop for treats for Tilly and then we sat in the gardens for a while. There's not much else to do there, the promenade to the right of the garden is closed while work is carried out on the sea defences and the small area of beach to the left of the garden is out of bounds for dogs. So Tilly and I arrived back home much sooner than we had anticipated.

We've opted for a resin bound surface this time and that was the view from our back door yesterday evening and the surface has had to have time to harden before we could walk on it but it's all ready now and much better than the garden slabs we had before.

The workmen arrived today to finish off some small jobs while we went out to have a pub lunch and do some grocery shopping and by the time we arrived back home it was all done and dusted. We're pleased with how it looks and now we need to sort out the grass which needs some attention  and I'll put our planters back in place and as they've left us a bag of compost I'll fill the planters and buy some new plants. We did visit the garden centre on Monday just to have a look but we're not rushing into any purchases at the moment. It's been a dear do but worth it, apparently that's a northern phrase for an expensive time.

Friday, 26 August 2022

It's out but not gone


The workmen came and dug out the bush late yesterday afternoon, they weren't here for long and the job is going to carry on well into next week at this rate, there it is sat on our lawn. I see they have broken one of the small slabs leading to the garden shed but they intend to replace it as a small one is propped up against the raised bed My plants are looking a sorry state after the heatwave but I can sort those out next week. I did two loads of washing after the workmen had left  and hung it out to dry overnight, not something I would normally do but I'm pleased to say it is almost dry and hopefully I can bring it in before they arrive again today. At least I don't have to stay in while they are working outside they have said which is good but I'll have to take Tilly out to stop her barking at the intruders in the garden as she sees them.

I'm hoping we don't receive a phone call from the GP's practice today. Hubby had his diabetic review on Wednesday and was in the surgery for almost an hour. He told me had to return the following day for more blood tests which I thought was strange as they had already taken his blood and surely a couple of extra vials wouldn't have needed a return visit. He has some swelling in his legs and they told him he has to sit with his feet up. Anyway when he returned  to the surgery yesterday they did take more blood and they did an ECG as they think his heart isn't pumping properly. As there was no doctor available his ECG will be reviewed today and if there are any problems they will phone. Please no phone calls!

Not impressed

A whole week has flown past without a blog post from me but not much has been happening. I watched the whole of the Queen's funeral on M...